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How To Title An Essay

How To Title An Essay For College : Complete Guide With Example


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Here is my complete on How to Title an Essay for your college essay.

Any academic work will require an outstanding title to win the hearts of your professors or any other reader who has an interest in your work.

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Whether you are writing a research paper, a term paper, or any other academic paper, you need a strong title that will “sell” your work. Any student should ensure to use a good essay title before submitting it for marking. Asked, I would say that titling an essay is the most difficult step in writing an essay. The reason being, it’s a single statement that is too demanding and has to meet all the requirements.

How To Title An Essay For College

When it comes to giving your essay a heart-winning title, it will cost you a great effort. We all understand that an essay title serves as the face of our work. Of course, no one will want to read an essay whose title is a ‘hanging’, confusing, or contradicting statement. If you aren’t sure of how to title your essay, you must sacrifice adequately to learn. Laziness cannot fit in any research or academic field.

A title that is fit for your academic essay should reflect the main idea in your paper. You should only use an academic tone and be straight to the point. Although professionals will brainstorm an essay title, it’s also good to discuss your title ideas with an independent person to give his/her views.

On this page you’ll find information about:
1 How to Title an Essay.
2 Importance of an Essay Title.
3 Qualities of Good Essay Titles.
4 Components of an Essay Title.

5 The Essay Title itself.
6 Where to Begin.
7 How to Cover Your Essay Topic.
8 Expert Tips of Titling Essays.

9 Good vs. Bad Titles for Essays.
10 Working on the Title Page.
11 Rules on how to Create a Title Page in APA Format.
12 Mistakes to Avoid when Writing an Essay Title.
13 Creative Titles for Essays.
14 Essay Title Examples.
15 Conclusion.

Let’s get right into the guide.

Importance of an Essay Title.

Before we proceed to see how we should create an outstanding essay title, it’s good we know the value of these titles. Below are the main roles of an essay title:

  • Gives the reader an idea of your essay’s content.
  • Identifying the subject matter.
  • Captures the readers’ attention.
  • Determining the tone of the writing activity.

Again, these points are not only for essay titles but run across all the academic write-ups you will come across throughout your study.

Qualities of Good Essay Titles.

By now you should understand that anyone can give an essay a title. However, coming up with a good title is the issue. Only those with the knowledge or experience on how to title an essay will do it successfully.

If you aren’t an experienced writer, it doesn’t mean you’ll never title an essay professionally. We believe you can. The most important thing is to understand the qualities of a good title. Once you are familiar with these points, you will be good to craft an appealing essay. This will see experts wanting to read your essay and find out more. Here are some qualities of a good essay title:

Appealing – Everyone including you and I will only read an academic paper that has an interesting title. If you use a boring title for your essay, the professor might award you a low grade without reading your work.

Simple Language – When dealing with academic work, no one is interested in vocabulary. All we need is professional work that is easy to read and understand. This also applies to the title and hence you should avoid complicated terms when titling an essay.

Proper Capitalization – You should capitalize all the first letters of the words in your title appropriately. Prepositions, conjunctions, articles, and pronouns shouldn’t be capitalized. It’s also wrong to capitalize the entire title.

Try to be real – Being catchy doesn’t mean you create ideas that aren’t in existence and write them. Your professor wants to see something that’s real and practical in your essay title.

Only use an Active Voice – In any writing, it’s ever advisable to use an active voice. A single verb in the title could destroy your demanding essay. All verbs used in the essay’s title should be active. The same applies to other academic papers.

Accurate – The title of your essay should only present what you have discussed in the essay. If your essay discusses something different from the title, you will of course score a low grade or have your client rejecting your work.

Concise – Long titles aren’t good because most of them are confusing to the readers. When writing an essay title, avoid any unnecessary words. Using them will only make your title fluffy. Any reader who knows essay writing will begin to discredit you even before reading your essay.

Finally, you need to keep in mind all the rules in grammar when writing an essay title. Ensure to check for spelling mistakes, punctuations, and typo errors. You shouldn’t underline your title and don’t forget to incorporate the theme of your essay in its title.

Components of an Essay Title.

As you read different academic works, you may have come across articles detailing the components of various papers. Amazingly, even titles have components that any professor wants to see. Though few, they are paramount because missing one can see your score dropping by half or more! Different types of essays use a common format of titles. Any good title contains the following components:

a. A Catchy Hook.

We have already said that the title is to grab the reader’s attention. You should include a word or two in the title that attracts the reader to read your paper. The title should creatively introduce the entire essay to the readers. Ensure that it’s not only the title that will be good. Your essay content must reflect creativity and hard work.

For example, Deadly transit: tales of the Trans-Saharan Trade Across the Desert. The phrase ‘deadly transit’ grabs a reader’s attention because it portrays tragedy.

b.      Topic Keywords.

Good titles for essays should always contain a topic keyword that describes the essay in question. The keyword answers the question “What?” and identifies the concept you have reviewed.

c.        Focus Keywords.

The role of this component is to tell us the place and the time being reviewed. A focus keyword answers the “Where” or “When” question.

The Essay Title Itself.

Where to Begin.

A title page is the basis of any academic essay. In a layman’s language, an essay title introduces the idea you have shared in the essay. Too short titles may be presumed incomplete but I don’t mean a lengthy one is great. The same applies to the introductory paragraph that should be medium in length but comprehensive. The idea here is a complete statement.

How to Cover Your Essay Topic.

Whenever someone asks you “how to come up with an essay title”, you should begin by defining to him or her “what is an essay.” Defining an essay will make the student understand the need for a good title of an essay.

The primary goal of every scholar is to score the highest grade possible. An essay assignment requires you to cover a particular topic comprehensively. A successful essay covers the topic exhaustively, presents a good thesis statement, provides strong arguments with evidence, and concludes your interesting essay.

Expert Tips of Titling Essays.

After looking at the above aspects of essay titles and writing them, we now need to look at how we go about it. Anyone who wants to read your essay will be interested in the three elements of your paper. If you want to learn how to title essays, you should keep in mind the main topic summary, the hook sentence, and what makes it outstanding among other papers. Here are expert tips that can help you come up with a good essay title:

1.      The Title Should Come Last.

All you need is a deep understanding of the ideas you want to pass through your essay. You should take time to write a creative and professional essay without minding the title. This should come as the last step. Remember, the title should summarize your paper and state the main theme. This may not be possible before you write the essay.

If you have written your essay correctly, the ideas for a title of the best fit will overwhelm your mind. It will be easier to settle on a strong title that will also be appealing to your essay readers. Ending with the title saves you time that you could have wasted thinking of a title to use.

2.      Decide on the Tone of your Essay.

An essay can take various tones including funny, informative, strict, serious, friendly, persuasive, etc. The essay and the title tones should be similar. If you are writing a personal statement, you can wisely apply a mix of tones to impress the admissions board. Despite the tone you choose to apply, you need to avoid fluffy statements or abbreviations in the title.

3.      Highlight Keywords to Include in the Title.

I don’t mean you are a blogger but borrowing their idea is worthy of scoring a high grade. Bloggers and other website owners optimize their content to receive high traffic. On the other hand, does the same to attract the professor’s attention. Rightful use of keywords helps you to get a better grade. The title should only contain the keyword(s) that are strict to the point.

4.      Use the Expert’s Formula of Writing Essay Titles.

Most academic experts advise students to start the title with creative introductory words followed by a direct statement describing the theme of the essay.

5.      Use a Quote that Corresponds to your Essay’s Main Idea/Theme.

Take a few minutes and search for relevant quotes from the search engines. If you come across one that you can use as a whole or its fragment, pick it and fix it correctly. Doing so will make the title more appealing and the professors will consider you for a high score.

6.      Use Renowned Phrases.

We have millions of existing phrases that are readily available over the internet. When picked wisely, they turn amusing to the readers. Using these is a great idea because it will save time. Writing the essay will also be less demanding because the ideas from the topic/title because it’s preexisting.

7.      Use Your Thesis.

The thesis is an important part of any academic work paper you write. Your essay’s thesis statement gives the reader a reason to read the rest of your paper. Whenever possible use a section of your thesis statement in the title.

Assuming your thesis statement is: “Everyone in India is waiting to receive the Covid-19 vaccine following the mass deaths in the country.” To create a good title, you can opt for “Deaths and Infections: Indians welcome Vaccination against Covid-19.”

8.      Keep it Simple and Clear.

It’s all about keeping your writing short and being accurate. Because the title is only meant to name a paper, it doesn’t require to be wordy. Use the internet to get ideas of concise essay titles.

9.      Summarize your Essay in Three Words.

This is another popular method of writing an essay title. In this case, you can choose to summarize the essay or the thesis statement in three words. After writing the three words, you should write a colon followed by the answer to the question “What is the article talking about?”

Those are among the proven ways of writing an attractive essay title. You can use any of them or combine several but ensure you come up with a title that has all the qualities of a good title.

Good vs. Bad Titles for Essays.

A writer who comes up with a good essay title can summarize his paper in countable words. He/she needs to understand the content of the essay and this confirms that a title should come last. Here are examples of good and bad essay titles:

The role of TV shows on adult’s behavior. Influence of TV on human beings.
Tiny and deadly: Role of evolution in the fight for life. The deadliest small animal in the world.
The influence of the Bronze Age in the future of urban civilization. The Bronze Age
The world of symbolism in the book The Old Man and the Sea. The Old Man and the Sea: So much hidden and so little on top!

Working on the Title Page.

Since we are learning how to write a good essay title, it’s good we look at how a title page should appear. Although there are several formats you can use when writing an academic paper, we shall look at preparing the title page using the APA format. This format is popular than any other writing and citation format.

Rules on How to Create a Title Page in APA Format.

  1. Use the 8½ x 11 – inch paper.
  2. Don’t use meaningless abbreviations or words in the title.
  3. Center Align the title and don’t underline, bold, or italicize it.
  4. The margins should be one inch on all sides.
  5. The title shouldn’t exceed 12 words.
  6. The entire text must be double spaced like in any other academic work.
  7. Do not include the writer’s title.
  8. Ensure to include the study was carried out.

Mistakes to Avoid when Writing an Essay Title.

Sometimes, we make mistakes unknowingly and they end up costing our grades. But, if you had the common mistakes that students commit when writing titles you’ll try to avoid them. You should avoid the following mistakes as much as possible:

  • Avoid leaning on bad judgment – Opting for immoral topics like prostitution and drugs isn’t a good idea. This is because you aren’t allowed to promote them in academic work.
  • Don’t dwell on your negative past in your thesis or essay title. This will give you a bad reputation and the professor’s psych to read your paper will vanish.
  • Ask the right questions to end up with the appropriate title for your paper. Wrong questions will land you on the wrong topic.
  • Do not sound too personal when writing a title. Avoid ideas that are likely to reveal or give a clue to your sensitive information.
  • Never ignore your tutor’s guidelines – Understand them and try to apply them when writing the title for your essay.

Avoid taking topics with an offensive angle like religion, politics, and some social evils like abortion. People will always have divided opinions about these topics and you might offend your reader with your arguments.

Creative Titles for Essays.

Once you learn how to title an essay for college, you automatically learn the way to come up with a great essay. Consider these ideas to learn how to write a creative essay title:

  • Pick one complete sentence from the essay which can make a complete topic sentence is a great title idea.
  • Keep in mind the When, Why, How, What, Who, or Where questions. A title with a question, in the beginning, creates interest in readers.
  • Describe your topic with a single word or phrase.
  • Collect the most important information related to your field of study and rewrite it.
  • Try to start the title with a lie to capture your readers’ interest.

Essay Title Examples.

In the process of learning how to write an outstanding essay, and how to title an essay, you need to analyze great examples of essay titles. Let’s have a look at these sample titles:

  1. How to raise morally upright children in the 21st century.
  2. Twisted sick.
  3. South and North Korea: A tale of the two countries after years of conflict.
  4. 18 and life.
  5. How to manage a business better than a mafia manager.
  6. The boy from the reading center.
  7. Bot in the eye.
  8. How to reap big in Real Estate Business.
  9. How to solve ancient problems using modern technology.
  10. The rebel’s sketchbook.
  11. Skiing with Santa.
  12. Life, love, and death.
  13. Once upon a twist.
  14. Position of Maths in the history of humanity.
  15. Ghosts of my past.
  16. How to make money in a computer era without a physical office.
  17. Princess gives sit away.
  18. How to find a mate the hard way.
  19. Would Children Perform Better in School if Paid for Good Grades?
  20. Which parenting styles work best?
  21. Artificial Intelligence and the future of modern technology.
  22. The noise effect.
  23. A Halloween Carol.
  24. The Appropriate Age Children Should Start Discussing Sex.
  25. Instagram is an influence on young people.
  26. Effects of Same-Sex Relationships on existing marriages.

The list isn’t limited to the above examples. Titles are limitless depending on what you discuss in your essay and your creativity.


Essay writing is essential for any student in college. Essays are known to perfect a student’s critical thinking skills. Students are also able to apply the skills they have learned in class throughout the academic year or the semester.

Creating an interesting title isn’t easy for lazy students who aren’t willing to learn. Beginning with the title, it takes a lot of dedication. Writing an essay can be compared with baking a cake. You have to add icing sugar to your cake to make it attractive. The same happens in an essay. Writing a professional essay isn’t enough without a good title to attract readers. An essay title provides the reader with an idea of your paper’s content.

Even if you are a college fresher, you can learn how to title an essay for your college. You will need to go through a lot of sample titles and sample essays. Title samples for different types of essays are available on the internet for you to read. You need to understand the type of essay you have written before writing the title. For example, a title for an argumentative essay is different from that of a persuasive essay.

The title you use should be relevant to the content in the essay body. Ensure that the title meets all the rules of titling an essay. It has to be complete and be concise not to exceed twelve words in length. Amazingly, you now know how to title your essay. If you find it hard to write your essay or title it, you can hire a reputable online academic college paper help writing service. This way, you will receive your essay in a short period and get a professionally written essay with an outstanding title.

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