Getting Started With Your Thesis or Dissertation : Writing Tips

Most graduate learners at the university will spare considerable amounts of energy and time towards developing, designing and presenting their thesis. Because of the troubles faced by many students while developing thesis papers, we have developed tips for you in this website that will provide you with general consideration of the stages that should be followed at the initial stages of writing your thesis or developing your thesis.

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How to start a thesis from scratch

Are you troubled on how to begin your thesis? You are not alone. Very many students go through this challenge. First and foremost you will have to choose the subject of your thesis. It is very common to find instructors choosing the subject of the assignment for the students but it is also usual to have instructors allow students to choose specific areas of interest to them for a perfected research.

If you have been asked to choose a topic independently, there is no doubt that you will engage yourself in a period of critical thinking about what kinds of a topic to work on.

Tips: Basics to Follow In order to write a successful thesis statement

  1. While selecting a topic, make sure you brainstorm through all the ideas on your mind considering the hot topics and burning issues from your field of study. you can also read some of your course materials pick out particular topics as you eliminate those you will not be using.
  2. Jot down your ideas. You must keep on recording your ideas continually so that you can have the feeling you are headed somewhere. Write as many ideas as you can because you will choose from the many later
  3. Peg your ideas or topics of your peers. It is necessary to have feedback on your suggestions and thoughts from your peers.
  4. Ensure you are very familiar with the area of research and if not you can work closely with your supervisor.

It is equally a good idea to consider your future goals when making a choice for your thesis. A brilliant student will make a choice of a thesis topic that is related to his career of will lead him towards a career of his choice.

By looking at the direction of your career, you will be well positioned on selecting a topic that is of interest to you as you advance your career goals as well. When considering how to start a thesis, it is essential to consider whether your topic of choice;

  • Can be pursued enthusiastically
  • Can be sustained by your interest
  • Can be problem solvable
  • Can be manageable in size
  • Have the potential of contributing to existing literature
  • Gives promise to your future

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