How to Write an Abstract Dissertation : 4 Steps (But) Core Tips


Grow your tips on how to write an abstract dissertation or thesis. It is complete guide but easy to follow step by step.


It is a common procedure for one to follow when writing a dissertation; one is advised to divide the write-up into various parts.


  1. Introduction
  2. How to Write an Dissertation Abstract
  3. Do’s and Don’ts in Writing a Good  Dissertation Abstract
  4. Dissertation Abstract Core Points

How to Write an Dissertation Abstract

While writing a dissertation, It is compulsory to write an abstract. Therefore, it is compulsory for one to learn how to write it the same way one learns how to write a speech. One should note that an abstract should include a summary or an overview of the whole dissertation followed by a conclusion that shows how the work was carried out.

In short terms, an abstract serves as bait to the readers. The main purpose of writing an abstract is to give the reader a brief description of what to expect inside the main paper. One should understand that an abstract attracts the attention of a reader. By so doing, a reader decides whether to go ahead and read the main paper or not.

Various studies have shown that an abstract has been used internationally to work on the psyche of the reader. It gives a tip of the iceberg that in turn attracts the reader to go through the main section.

Indeed, an abstract is considered to be the first substantive write-up that introduces and describes ones work. Thus, one should maximize on it to portray the utmost accurate expectations. It is paramount for one to clearly expose the entire elements of a whole dissertation in an abstract.

Experts have clearly speculated that when writing dissertation abstracts, one must avoid using it only as a preamble or preface for the text. Nevertheless, it should sound like an object that explains the entire dissertation to the reader. Especially, if he or she has limited time to read the entire paper.

Do’s and Don’ts in Writing a Good  Dissertation Abstract

There are some points that should be observed while and before writing a dissertation abstract as discussed below;


It is true, all dissertations have the same outline. Therefore every 5th-grade book report must have the abstract positioned after the dissertation title. Even though majority of abstracts written comes precisely at the beginning section of a dissertation. It should be noted that some circumstances can force someone to write a separate abstract as a separate work.

An example is portrayed when one is following a specific chemistry lab report format. Whereby your professor prefers an abstract that is separate from the entire report.

Volume and Structure

Abstracts must be of a specific volume and structure. One can also seek help from academic coursework help providers for your dissertation to be written. However, you are the only one who knows what entails in the main dissertation then you are the one who can give the perfect abstract. Nevertheless, if the whole dissertation is written by dissertation help, then one should also allow the service providers to write the abstract.

The standard international size for dissertation abstracts recommends that it should not be more than 150 words for the master’s thesis and 350 words for the doctoral thesis. In addition, in order to maintain style and structure, it is advisable one to ensure that the dissertation abstracts are contained in 1 double-spaced page and it should not exceed 1 page.


As per structure terms, the dissertation abstract should follow the main dissertation structure. To be precise, it should start with the;

  • Introduction
  • literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • conclusion.

If the dissertation has 5 chapters as illustrated below, then you should try and devote at least one or two sentences to each chapter. As a result, each chapter will get a meaningful mention.

However, a good dissertation abstract, pay attention to;

  • The research questions should be used to form elements whereby other parts of the abstract draw their meaning so one has to outline them.
  • Research questions should come in the early part of the abstract.
  • Nonetheless, it should be noted that you can only make up to three questions in a logical and coherent abstract. In cases, where one has more than three questions, then you should choose three most substantive ones.
  • It is crucial for one to give clear results in the abstract because it the nature of many readers not to be interested in what you went through, but what you achieved in long run. It is an important part that clear results should be given and not be denied to the readers as that is what will create their anticipation.
  • The methodology used to arrive at the results only approves your claims and you must present them within the abstract. In addition, your abstract must point towards interpreting your results so that even a laymen can understand them. This can only be achieved by giving concrete evidence.

Dissertation Abstract: Core Points

It is important to note that the dissertation abstracts vary from one subject to another globally. Just like, a physician assistant personal statement will goes with the medical community has approved 7-sentence structure. And so are dissertation abstract structures.

It is also advised to have a clue on the recommended structure that is approved in your field of study before you write, even though all must come with the same outline.

A good dissertation abstract must clearly indicate the problem that is intended to be solved. Indeed, an abstract should show an indication of solving a problem so that people will be attracted to read it

A superb abstract also acknowledges your partners or participants. However, in some fields, it is not necessary. Thus, there is a demand to leave their identities confidential and use general terms to define and acknowledge the kind of participants you used.

In the end, one should note that the results and conclusion part of the abstract is the most powerful and recommended one. Therefore, when writing it is necessary to assign more room to it. Particularly, the question sentence that explains the methodology, results and the conclusion sentences should be assigned to the biggest space.

For instance, when you are doing a 7 sentence structure, you can allow two sentences each of these two parts while the other get one.