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How To Write Descriptive Essay

How To Write Descriptive Essay on Mother: 10 Steps With a Sample


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Did you get confused on “how to write descriptive essay on mother, the most crucial person in your life, My Mother?”

Although, it seems a piece of cake to write about someone you have known your whole life. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Writing a description means evoking certain emotions and feelings in your audience to hook them to the essay on an emotional level. Describing how someone acts, thinks, does stuff in a specific manner, and handles situations, can be challenging. One has to write personal experience in a certain way that connects the audience emotionally.

Without any doubt, mothers are the most important person in one’s life and the first person you fall in love with since birth. They provide you with the purest form of love and affection. No other love can be compared to a mother’s love.
We are about to share some useful tips and a sample essay for you so that you can write thought-provoking, touchy and interesting essays to impress your class fellows, instructors and get high grades. Continue reading to learn how to write descriptive essay on mother.  Nonetheless, if you luck time and prefer our professional essay writer to write it for you, do not hesitate to contact our reliable essay writing service by clicking on the bottom below

In this new guide you’ll learn:

  1. What Does Descriptive Essay Mean
  2. Writing a Descriptive Essay About a Person
  3. Recommendations and Tips for “How to Write Descriptive Essay on Mother”
  4. Sample Descriptive Essay About Mother
  5. Conclusion

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What Does Descriptive Essay Mean?

First, let’s have a look at the definition of a descriptive essay:
“A descriptive essay is an essay that describes something – an object or person, an event or place, an experience or emotion, or an idea. This kind of essay aims to provide readers with enough detailed descriptions for them to be able to picture or imagine the chosen topic.”
In other words, this kind of essay prints a picture in the reader’s mind about a specific subject and its meaning with the help of sensory observation. A writer uses strong and vivid words to describe a particular object with the slightest details in a way the audience can feel, see, hear and understand the subject without actually seeing it. You express your honest sentiments on something that forms a connection with the reader and appeals to their senses and emotions. You describe the object using many similes and metaphors that bring life to your sentences. Before looking at the sample, let’s see how to write a descriptive essay on a person.


Writing a Descriptive Essay About a Person

Descriptive writing is a powerful way to put a long-lasting impression on the reader.
If you look at a descriptive essay about a person (mother in this case), you will see how a writer uses sensory descriptions of sight, hearing, touch in words that create a picture in the mind of the audience and helps them emotionally connect to the person you are describing. Here are some points to write an impressive description about a person:

• Use adjectives, specific nouns, and powerful action verbs.
• Use comparisons, contrast, similes, and metaphors to make your descriptive essays realistic and engaging.
• Avoid using general words.
• Structure your thoughts according to the order, such as spatial and chronological order.

Description essays focus on emotional appeal and allow you to be creative. Students can express themselves in such assignments, allowing them to write about personal feelings, making such essays different and more fun than others. Start by brainstorming unique ideas and interesting events to add. Make a precise outline with a well-organized order. The first paragraph includes the introduction with a thesis statement. The second section is the main body, add details such as hobbies, talents, and interests of a person. Lastly, the ending paragraph should leave the reader to stop and think for a moment. This type of essay develops an emotional connection between reader and subject, luring them into thinking they have met that person.

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Recommendations and Tips for “How to Write Descriptive Essay on Mother”:

Here are some useful recommendations and tips for writing interactive descriptive essays on “Mothers.”

Brainstorm Main Ideas
First of all, take a moment to think of the main events you will add to the essay. There would be millions of memories of your mother, and you can feel them all individually. However, add-ones that several people can connect themselves with. Make them sense their oneself or their mothers described in your words.

Define Your Goal
Deciding on a goal for your essay is essential. Pinpoint the goal in your mind that will convey the message to the reader. If your focus is on how hardworking your mother is or how she raised you being a single mother, then determine it. Your essay will lack the flow, and patches of unfinished ideas will cast a bad impression on the audience. Therefore, starting with a focused goal is essential.

Engaging Introduction
The introduction sets the baseline of your descriptive essay. Start with describing your mother and your sentiments about your mother. The depth of feelings you have for her and a hint of focused point you will add in the main body. These hooking sentences will establish a connection with the reader and impel them to continue reading your piece of writing.

Take Your Siblings Point of View
If you are sitting in a free setting other than the exam hall or classroom, try consulting your siblings to take their perspective. They may have other shocking memories of your mother, which skipped your mind. It’s best to gather diverse information to enhance the appeal of your essay.

• Formulate the Character Accordingly
In order to write a descriptive essay, you have you describe a real person. In this case, your mother, her appearance, life, and background. Try to use vivid descriptive words from the dictionary. However, avoid using clichés as they reduce the appeal and do not list all the physical features from top to bottom. Frame her description logically according to the event. Moreover, do not display the whole picture of your mother. Give the reader space to bring their imagination forward.

• Structure the Main Body in a Specific Order:
The main body of your essay is divided into different paragraphs that connect each section. Organize the main body in a flow of events. Start with basic facts about your mother leading to the complicated ones. Explain each memory completely; leaving one event in between and moving to the next confuses the reader. The reader can lose interest in your write-up. Organizing your thoughts will build an actual image of your mother in the reader’s mind, as if they cross the roads with your mother, they’ll have an idea about her instantly.

• Address Specific Events and Memories
You have lived with your mother from the day you were born. Hence, you have thousands of memories and situations to talk about. It can be an overwhelming situation, and you do not have time to explain each and every one of them particularly. Try to choose those memories or events that have a significant impact on your life rather than typical facts. Such memories may greatly influence the reader’s mind, and you will be satisfied with how you pictured your mother in the essay. Describing specific events gives the essay an emotional touch, and the audience can visualize their mothers in your text. This forms a strong connection between the reader and the writer.

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• Focus on Unique Traits of Your Mother
Begin your essay by explaining your relationship with her and how you feel about her. Tell her characteristics that distinguish her from other mothers. Write down the things she sacrificed for you and how she is the most special person in your life. Discussing the universal traits will only bore the reader. Discuss what is unique about her or what is something she did for you that no one else can. Such additions will make your essay captivating and interactive for the reader.

• Close with a Touching Sentence
In the concluding paragraph, without starting a new event or describing a memory, summarize all the main points of the essay and the main significance on your life. End it with a thought-provoking sentence for the reader to ponder upon for a while.

• Lastly edit
You cannot submit an essay full of mistakes even if you pour your heart into it. Read your essay more than once to point out any spelling errors, typos, punctuation, or grammatical errors. The instructor can deduct your marks if it has many mistakes even though you wrote an outstanding descriptive essay.

Sample Descriptive Essay About Mother

Who can love you more than your own mother? The sacrifices a mother makes for her children are matchless. As stated by Edwin Chapin: “No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” My mother is the living example of this beautiful quotation. The hard work, effort, and care she has put into bringing up my siblings and me are commendable. Every relation has its own beauty, but nothing is in comparison with a mother’s love. Can you relate?
My mother is beautiful inside out. With the most sparkly eyes, we can sense the depth of her love and compassion for us in them. Along with numerous hardships, she has ensured to provide us with every necessity of life. My father died at a young age leaving her the only support, caretaker, and guardian for us. Although she seems strict from her face, she keeps a sea of love and affection for us deep down. Now I realize the punishments she gave us, the permissions she refused to accept, and things she asked us to refrain from; everything she did was to make us a better human being. All of it was to correct us and lead us to the right path.

My mother is a working woman. She worked to earn for us along with bringing us up. She was devoted to us and poured every life she had into her children. After my father, she never left us alone to settle somewhere else. Marrying again was not an option for her. Although, she was young and gorgeous. I still remember back in school days, whenever she visited my school, all my friends thought she was my elder sister. It was a funny moment for me to look at their expressions when I told them she is my mother.
Another attribute that made us fonder of her was the way she took care of us even when she was sick herself. She had motherly love for her students as well, as she was a teacher. The devotion and affection were same as it is for us. Even though she kept a serious face, she looked gorgeous because of her fair complexion and deep brown eyes.
However, my siblings and I did not like how she hid her sadness, worries, and issues from us. She never wanted us to worry about her situation. she always advised us to keep up the hard work and focus on our studies. Moreover, we admired the fact that she was compassionate to everyone around her, such as neighbors, students, and parents. She taught us the same to respect and help everyone irrespective of their background.
In the end, I would like to thank my mother and every mother in this world for loving us and make us a better part of society without asking anything in return. Mothers are precious creations of God. What would we do if there were no mothers in this world?


Descriptive essays are an easy way to write a detail on the people we love the most, especially mothers. Mothers are the first person we recognize after birth. They are our first teachers and best friends who support us throughout our lives. This special bond creates at birth and stays till our last breaths. From sharing happiness and comforting under challenging times, mothers are always there for their children.
School and college include such assignments in the curriculum as it is helpful to connect others to your life and evoke the same feelings. Examiners appreciate essays that have personal events.
Here we have shared some simple techniques to write creative essays on “How to write descriptive essays on mother.” Now don’t be scared to write exceptional essays yourself.

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