How to Write a Critical Essay: A Perfect Guide For Students


Go through experts’ steps on how to write a critical essay, at the end you will be able to understand the main text, conduct research and write your own good critical essay.


  1. Definition of a Critical Essay
  2. How to Write a Critical Essay
  3. Conduct your research
  4. Write Your Critical Essay
  5. Critical Essay Structure
  6. Edit Your Essay
  7. Critical Essay Help

Definition of a Critical Essay?

A critical essay is a paper that requires a text analysis. It can be an analysis of an article, a painting, a film, or even a book. The purpose of a critical essay is to provide an interpretation of a text. Some people think that you must always be negative when writing critical essays.

This is wrong. You can be negative or positive. The judgment depends on available evidence. Most important, provide a thesis statement. Also, provide a lot of evidence to support your viewpoint.

In deed, You can never run away from writing critical essays. Your instructor will at some point require you to write one or several. Writing a good essay is very important. This is because essays affect your final grades. Do want to learn more about critical essays? Keep on reading.

How to Write a Critical Essay Step By Step

Now you understand what is a critical essay, here step by step guide on how to come up with one on your own. Remember to take notes so that by the time you read to the end you are in better position to write a critical essay on any topic.

Prepare to write a critical essay

Understand the assignment

It is always good to start by understanding guidelines while preparing to write an assignment. Read through the guidelines. If need be, ask for clarifications. Take note of all the requirements.

Understand your source

Your instructor will require you to evaluate certain source. At this point, you need to understand this source. If it is a book, read and understand it. If it is an article, read and understand it. Reread the text. If it is a painting or a film, watch and re-watch. This will give you a deeper understanding. Remember to take notes of important parts.

Review the notes

After reading, rereading, and taking notes, review the notes. This will help identify issues that stand out. If it’s a problem, look for a possible solution. The solution will guide you in making your main argument.

Conduct your research

Sometimes you may be required to use secondary sources. Your instructor may ask you to use certain types. These may include newspaper articles, scholarly journals, books, and some websites. When selecting these sources ensure that they are credible. Some sources are not academically accepted. Therefore, it is important to use those that are accepted for academic use. Library databases are the best source for credible sources. A credible source has the following characteristics;

  • The name of the author is listed together with credentials
  • Many sources in works cited or bibliography page
  • No bias
  • Present up to date information publication date (will tell)
  • The provided information is similar to available literature
Read the sources

Once you have identified credible sources, read them. Read and reread. Reading several times will give you a complete understanding. Just as you did with your critical text, take notes. Take note of the significant details. Only highlight the information that supports your argument. Remember if you are to use a direct quote, show by quotation marks. Also, include information about the source. That is, include the name of the author, and the page number.

Write Your Critical Essay

At this point, you have ideas for your essay. Therefore, you are ready to write your thesis statement. The thesis should be clear and concise. Also, it should be specific.

After developing your thesis statement, write an outline for your critical essay. The outline will help in writing an organized essay. A more detailed outline makes it easy to write an essay.

Critical Essay Structure


In your introduction, you should identify your thesis statement. This should be the last sentence in the paragraph. Remember to provide background information to your topic. This will guide your reader through the essay. Background information is the information needed by the reader to understand the essay. For instance, when writing about a film, write a short synopsis. The information will help the reader understand the rest of the essay.

Body Paragraphs

After writing the introduction, it is time to write your text components. Every paragraph should discuss one argument. The argument should be in support of the thesis statement. So, if you have three supporting arguments, you will have three body paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should have;

  1. An argument as the first sentence
  2. An example from primary source
  3. An example from secondary sources

The examples will help in supporting your argument. Remember to always use transitions to connect your paragraphs.

Write The Conclusion

In this section, emphasize what you have just explained to your reader. Here, you show that you have proven something.

You can summarize your essay in writing your conclusion. However, you can use other options. These include;

  • Calling for further exploration of the topic
  • Provide new concerns introduced by your essay
  • Explain the implications of the essay to the reader

Edit Your Essay

Read through your draft to make any revisions. Ensure your arguments are understandable. Clarify any confusing language. Clarify any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Reading your critical essay loudly helps in identifying any errors. Proofread carefully to avoid mistakes that can affect your grade negatively.

Critical Essay Help

Whichever area you are specializing in, you will at some point be required to write a critical essay. Whether its literature, sociology, or business among others. Therefore, no matter how difficult writing critical essays sound, you will have to write it. And it is not just about to writing any critical essay. It is about writing a quality essay. An essay that will give you good grades.

Additionally, writing critical essays helps in developing critical thinking skills. These include writing skills, editing, and attentive reading. Such skills are essential in your academic life.

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