So as to come up with an easily understood comparison or rather contrast essay, you need to first put down the similarities and differences on a paper. Make an own decision as to which side has a greater impact; similarities or differences? Whatever becomes the case, start your discussion with the less significant side then follow with the more significant one. Usually, it appears easier discussing either similarities or differences only. However, if you are capable of handling both at the same time then do so.

For the case arranging your essay in a systematic manner, then choose one of the below described formats or plans that you consider most appropriate for your work. Last but not least though very important is the thesis or the theme you intend to bring out through the comparison should give a direction to every statement that comes thereafter. In a nutshell, if you feel there is a point in your list of comparison that is irrelevant to the thesis statement, then replace it as fast as possible with a relevant one. The point is; make sure that the main point is completely and appropriately presented in the essay.

Plan A

This plan is more appropriate when you have several small similarities or differences. In this format, the writer should soon after the introduction express everything pertaining to the first work then move to the second half of the essay to show everything relating to the second work or character, giving a clear comparison of the first work items and those of the second work. Apart from the thesis statement which can be placed at the introduction, all the comparisons and contrasts in Plan A are done at the second half the essay.

Plan B

This plan serves as a better option when you only have a few though huge similarities or differences. Here you are required to go straight to discussing a similarity and a difference in both works in the paragraph that comes after the introduction. The next paragraph should do exactly as the previous one except that the items should be the second similarity and the second difference. This trend should go on that way until the list is fully exhausted. When dealing with both the similarities and differences then make sure you first put them down on a paper so that you be able to arrange them from the less significant to the more significant ones. In Plan B, the contrasting and comparing is done in the middle parts of each stage.

Consider this outline:

  1. Intro with thesis


  1. 1st similarity
  2. 1st work
  3. 2nd work


  • 2nd similarity
  1. 1st work
  2. 2nd work

 1st difference

  1. 1st work
  2. 2nd work

 2nd difference

  1. 1st work
  2. 2nd work

Here are some of the sample topics for a comparison essay:

  • Stages of My Life
  • Two Places I have Visited
  • My Two Best Friends
  • Two Political Candidates
  • Bulimia and Anorexia
  • Microsoft or Apple
  • Living on Campus and Living Off Campus
  • The Two Girls I Like

Most outstanding essays are those which involve a topic that the writer has an interest on. The above listed topics are enough to both awaken your interest as well as giving you a clue on how to write this kind of essay.