How to Write Comparison Essay: Similarities and Differences


Find helpful tips how to write comparison essay successfully. Learn more about how to focus on the similarities and differences


  1. Introduction
  2. How to Write Comparison Essay
  3. Select a relevant and informative topic
  4. Brainstorm similarities between your subjects
  5. Develop a thesis statement
  6. Essay structure
  7. Make an outline for your comparison essay
  8. Write your comparison essay
  9. Edit your comparison essay
  10. Comparison Essay Help


Comparison essays require you to focus on similarities certain things commonly two things. Instructors assign students comparison essays for three reasons. First, they want you to make connections between ideas. Second, they want to engage you in critical thinking. Third, they want you to learn more than just summary in generating good analysis.

How to Write Comparison Essay

We know you are aware how to write a great essay on a single subject is challenging! Imagine now you required to write a coherent essay about two subjects? How do you even begin it! relax, our team has come up with this comprehensive guide to aid you in writing a decent compare and contrast essay on your own. However, if whatsoever reason you are unable to come with a good essay own at the end of this guide. No worries, still we can write it for you.

Select a relevant and informative topic

To begin with, sometimes your instructor will provide the topic. However, other times you will have to choose the topic. In such a case, selecting the topic should be the first step. In order, for you to write a good comparison essay, the topic should be good. The topic should make it easy for you to show your writing skills. Additionally, a good topic has high potential in getting high grades.

Furthermore, the subjects should be similar but different. This helps in creating a meaningful comparison essay. For instance, when you want to compare historical figures, choosing tow artists or two politicians is more sensible.

Finding similarities can be challenging. However, with a diagram, it can be easier. For example, using a table, you can identify similarities between items more effectively. You should start by listing your items. Then have a box for every item for your selected criterion. Below is an example;

Domino’s Pizza KFC

This is just one way of doing it. Besides, you can use various charts to make it easy to identify similarities between subjects. By filling the boxes, you will be able to identify the similarities. It is important to think of what your instructor wants from you. Since, it will guide you in selecting a proper criterion.

After generating a list of similarities, settle on most relevant. Additionally, the selected similarities should be course relevant, informative, and most important. For example, if you are comparing two stories consider the plot, main theme, setting, and writing style.

Develop a thesis statement for your comparison essay

Choose the main argument for your comparison essay. This will guide you through the essay. A good essay should always have a thesis statement. Sometimes it can be challenging to create a strong thesis statement. The good thing is that essay writers online can help you overcome this challenge. Expert writers can guide you through.

Select your comparison essay structure

Comparison essays can be written in different structures. You can choose a block or alternating structure.

Let us look at both patterns

Comparison Essay Block pattern

This is also known as subject to subject pattern. With this pattern, your body will have two sections. The first section will discuss the first subject. For example, if you are comparing Domino’s Pizza and KFC, the first section will discuss Domino’s Pizza. You may have three paragraphs discussing three comparisons about Domino’s Pizza.

The second section will discuss the second subject. In our example, the second section will discuss KFC. In this case, your essay will take the following structure;

  1. Introduction
  2. First subject;
  3. Comparison
  4. Comparison
  5. Another Comparison
  6. Second subject;
  7. Comparison
  8. Comparison
  9. Another Comparison
  10. In the end, Conclusion
Comparison Essay Alternating Pattern

This pattern is also known as point by point pattern. With this approach, your essay will have five paragraphs when comparison points are three. Your body will have one section with three paragraphs. In each paragraph, you will compare both subjects.

In our example, you will discuss both Domino’s Pizza and KFC together for every comparison point. This means that your first body paragraph will have a comparison point on both Domino’s Pizza and KFC. The second paragraph and the third paragraph the same.

So, your essay will have the following structure;

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraphs;
  3. Comparison
  4. Comparison
  5. Another Comparison
  6. conclusion

But you should Select your most preferred structure before you move to the next stage.

Make an Outline For Your Comparison Essay

Based on your selected structure, make an outline. Because, writing an outline will make it easy to write a logical essay. Moreover, proving more details will make it easy to write your essay. Besides, more details reduce chances of omitting important information.

Write Your Comparison Essay

Using your outline, start writing your essay. Ensure to provide evidence to support your arguments. Every paragraph should discuss one point. Use transitional words to give your essay a nice flow. Words such as similarly, likewise, and both are ideal for the comparison essay.

Your introduction should be interesting. As a result, it should give your reader a good impression. It should start by grabbing the attention of your reader. For instance, it can be through a short story, a historical review, or a surprising statement about your topic. In the end, the last sentence in this paragraph should be your thesis statement.

In the body paragraphs, you should follow the following steps. Start by stating your point. Then, provide supporting evidence. Use a transition word when moving from one paragraph to the next.

In conclusion, close your argument. Stress your main argument. Then summarize the similarities.

Edit Your Comparison Essay

The final step in writing a comparison essay is editing it. Please, read and reread the essay to check for any mistakes. These could be grammatical errors, wrong spellings, and poor formatting. Such mistakes can lower your grades. Hence, removing them is very essential.

We have provided you with experts’ tips on writing a good comparison essay. If you want to write an essay that impresses your instructor, follow these steps. You will not just impress your instructor. You will also be able to achieve high grades.

So what are the points to remember when writing a comparison essay?

  • Select a good topic
  • Identify possible similarities between your subjects
  • Settle on most relevant and interesting similarities
  • Select preferred essay structure
  • Write your comparison essay
  • Edit and proofread your work before submitting

Comparison Essay Help

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