What does the cause and effect essay entail?

This essay focuses on what exactly triggers certain occurrences and the aftermath of their happening; that is, the cause and effect respectively. The method of cause and effect is frequently used to systematically arrange and discuss intellectual views.

So as to come up with an attractive cause and effect essay, the following steps need to be followed.

Get to know the difference between cause and effect. In order that you know causes; ask this question, “why did it occur?” where as in determining effects; ask, “what happened as a result of this?” here is an example of a cause giving rise to an effect:


Your gas is over.


Your car isn’t going to pick.

In some cases, a number of causes give rise to only one effect while at times multiple effects arise from one cause. Below are some examples of cause and effect essay. Your teacher will specify the method to apply.

Example 1


  • I had fun doing in high school.
  • This field pays handsomely.
  • My aunt is an accountant.
  • My arithmetic skill is awesome.


  • I chose to pursue accounting.

Example 2


  • Working for a shorter duration.


  • Reduced income
  • The employer gets annoyed.
  • Increased study hours.
  • Longer time to spend with friends and family.


Nevertheless, there are difficulties in several cases.

Therefore when writing this kind of essay, the following points need to be taken into account.


  • Always keep in mind the objective of the essay; whether it is meant to educate or to influence.
  • Concentrate on the immediate and direct causes or effects. Go for direct and time-bound causes, not indirect remote ones.
  • Provide an appropriate evidence to add weight to your essay. That is; clearly give the meaning of terms used, provide facts and statistics, give examples, anecdotes or an own observation that backs your ideas up.
  • Qualify your statements by use of phrases such as; “It seems the cause was” or “The evidence suggests” or “There is likelihood.”

The following questions worth being asked in order to evaluate the effectiveness of a cause and effect essay:

What are the causes? What are the effects? Which should be emphasized? Are there single or multiple causes? Single or multiple effects? Is a chain reaction involved?

There isn’t any challenge in deciding the topic for cause and effect essay. Some samples are here below:

  • Effects of Pollution
  • Changes in the Ocean
  • Civil Rights Movement and its Effects
  • Causes and Effects of the Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants
  • Influence of internet on kids
  • Popularity of Sports in US

Remember to choose an essay topic that is of great significance to you. An appropriate topic adds taste to a cause and effect essay.