How To Write Cause And Effect Essay: Simple (But Complete) 2022 Guide

Go through these guide step by step to learn how to write a cause and effect essay. It will help you explain what made something to happen and the consequences. All stages explained with examples.

A cause and effect essay is simply an argumentative essay that shows the effect relationship between two entities. The writer in this form of essay is tasked with showing how one thing or event directly influences another idea or event. This type of essay calls upon the author to apply his analytical and critical thinking and use strong evidence to support his position in the discourse. All that you need to do as an author in this type of essay is to show the interrelationship between the subjects being discussed. A good example would be how exercise improves one’s health. An author will explore the relationship between exercise and good health deeply.

Considering that this type of essay is argumentative, an author ought to have concrete evidence and possess authority on the topic under investigation. You need to do proper research on the essay topic before embarking on the writing.

You can keep the following at the back of your mind when structuring this type of essay; familiarise your readers with the topic under study and become a master at the subject matter, identify the causes and explore them, address the ensuing effects, offer solid arguments to prove your statements and then finally give a summary that leaves a lasting impression.

Considering the intricate nature of this type of essay, the cause and effect essays are often used to discuss scientific subjects. Your task as a writer in this type of essay would be to break down complicated concepts in a simple yet easy-to-understand manner. Your readers’ questions should all be answered after reading the essay.

Your tone as a writer while writing this type of essay will remain neutral and formal all along. The vocabulary ought to be simple so that the readers can easily get your arguments. This essay simply looks at your ability to use simple words in providing powerful effects with your arguments.

The Outline for a Cause and Effect Essay

Every piece of writing needs a logical outline so that a reader is not confused. This outline satisfies the academic requirement of the essay and makes sure all parts of the essay are well covered. The details of the subject matter will influence the structure of the essay. However, the traditional outline of a cause and effect essay includes the introduction paragraph, the body of the essay, and the conclusion section.

The body paragraph of a cause and effect essay can take three different schemes but all the schemes explain how the claims should be discussed. These schemes are as follows;

Introduction Paragraph

This part of the essay lays the foundation for the whole essay. The introduction is short and to the point. As a writer, you have to plan the whole paper and figure out what the argument shall be like. This will assist you in writing a strong introduction with a clear thesis statement. Look at the introduction as a strong hook that captures a reader’s attention and keeps them waiting for the next part of the essay. You can also touch on basic historical information about the subject of argument at this point of the essay if there is any.

Variant 1

Cause 1

Cause 2

Effect 1

Effect 2


Cause 1

Effect 1

Cause 2

Effect 2


Cause and Effect 1

Cause and Effect 2

Cause and Effect 3

Antithesis Paragraph


Body Paragraph (Analyzing Causes)

As a writer or student, you will have to address several causes of the problem at hand. The causes are in alignment with the thesis statement. As a writer, you can start by discussing the first cause as the most important and moving on to the next to describe secondary issues. While developing body paragraphs in a cause-and-effect essay, it is important to realize that every paragraph needs to be focused on one specific idea. And thus every cause in a cause and effect essay ought to be dedicated to its paragraph. The paragraph in a cause and effect essay shall have a topic sentence, evidence, support of the evidence, and a conclusion sentence. This structure leads to great writing because it allows your ideas to flow smoothly.

Body Paragraph (Analyzing Effects)

When writing the effects paragraphs in a cause-and-effect essay, it is important to ensure a logical connection is there between the effects and the causes mentioned in the essay. What are the problem’s consequences? The claims you make ought to be coherent with your earlier points of cause.

While writing the body paragraph for the effects, introduce the effects you wish to discuss with a topic sentence and it can also add weight to your arguments if you cite credible sources of information where you got the information from. The citation can be done according to the proven of citing academic documents; APA, MLA, Harvard etc. your comments as a writer are also necessary since it is an argumentative essay. You necessarily don’t have to paraphrase other researchers’ ideas only.

The Antithesis Paragraph

This part of the cause and effect essay is unique since it talks about the other side of the argument. The writer shall at this point of the essay explain to the reader why he chose a specific subject and the existence of any cause and effect variable.

The Concluding Paragraph of the Essay

This is the outro for a writer’s cause-and-effect essay. At this point of the essay, you have to restate the thesis statement. All you have to do is to remind your reader what the argument was all along. However, on top of that, the writer ought to offer a summary of the points discussed within the paragraph. As a writer, figure out what your findings are and then make a strong conclusion of them in a short paragraph.

Bonus Points on How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

To write a great cause and effect essay, a writer has to demonstrate a great ability to think critically, organize his points excellently and make a convincing presentation of his ideas.

The first thing one ought to do is to brainstorm a great topic for the essay. One important tip to keep in mind while selecting a topic for the essay is to make sure that the topic ensures the analysis and observation of a causal relationship between various subjects is possible.

The second step in writing a powerful cause and effect essay is to write a clear thesis statement. The thesis statement can either show a single cause and effect relationship or it can show how a single event can lead to many effects. You can further expand on how a certain phenomenon can have many causes.

When writing your cause and effect essay, it is important to arrange your main points into paragraphs. Each paragraph can do a great job of expounding on how true your thesis statement is and exploring the different facets of the relationship that exists between the subjects and their causes. This leads to a series of well-developed paragraphs.

Write the First Draft of the cause and effect essay

Guided by your thesis statement and body paragraph ideas, you can kick off the writing process by crafting the first draft of the essay. You need to be making pointed arguments about how there is a causal effect between one person, idea, or event to another. Just make sure you use clearly written topic sentences and transition smoothly between one paragraphs to the next while at the same remaining rooted in your thesis statement. Don’t move away from your thesis statement at any point because that will invalidate your arguments, that is why it is important to have a clear thesis statement with multiple facts you can use to back it up all through your writing.

After completing the first draft of the essay, the next step would be to conduct a critical review of your writing, you can do this by proofreading your writing to make sure your arguments don’t contradict each other. And that there is factual accuracy in your essay. During the review, be honest with yourself and ask yourself a few questions such as; have I presented a clear point of view? Or if your points present a clear cause between one event and the next. The third item to look at during the review is whether your points are convincing to the reader.

Write the Final Draft

After conducting a thorough review of the first draft, it is now time to re-draft it with a keen eye on the final product. This is the time to write a conclusion in case you had not written one and just remember that this type of essay relies heavily on your ability to critically think and express your points logically. If you have written a clear thesis and developed your paragraphs well and concluded strongly, you will end up with a very well-written cause and effect essay that earns you great points.