Case Study Method: Research and Designs


What is a case study method ?

Case study methods first originated with the history of clinical medicine. It was through the description of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and outcome that case study method originated. However, case study methods use a person’s own memory, the memory of her relatives and friends and record them in various types of photographs and diaries.

In addition, case study methods combine observations and interviews into an in-depth analysis of experiences that permit identification of influences and interactions on the individual. Hence, case study methods simply involve observing what has happened to an individual or reconstruction of a case in history.

For these reason, the methodology in a case study permits the researcher to look into the topic in detail than it might be possible when conducting an average research.

Very many people think a case study in itself is a research method. A case study is not a research method but instead researchers select data, collection analysis and methods. In turn, they these data and methods generate materials that are suitable for the case study. The date collected can be used by the researcher in different theories.

A case study methods selected to provide a researcher with an opportunity to study a particular phenomenon in detail and develop a new area of interest. Using a case study method, a researcher selects an order in which he will explore the phenomena. Hence, makes the case suitable for in-depth analysis.

Understanding Different Types of Case Studies

There are so many methods used to analyze a case study;

A descriptive method, the narrowly focused method and a combination of the subjective and objective method. These methods are technical and might cause students sleepless nights when designing their case studies for ranking.

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