Case Study Format For College Students


Writing a good case study requires that you follow a particular case study format. A good case study format will help you to uncover person’s or business’s particular problem and how it was solved.

Case Study Format For Education Purpose

Many companies engage in the exercise of reviewing their customer service through case studies on a regular basis. Case studies provide such companies with the ability to avoid evident mistakes in their next financial year by helping the management to develop effective and professional communicative skills.

However, business case studies are different from educational case studies. While a case study in an educational set up is meant to check for creativity in students.

Engaging in case study assignments could be difficult for students especially when they are required to conduct real research, gather evidence and data. Besides, provide subjective or objective results that follow through a particular procedure of format.

This turns out to be a very complex task because students many times do not have practical experience of accessing wide databases. Furthermore, do not have an idea of how to write a case study.

As a result of lack of experience and knowledge on how to tackle such kinds of assignments. We believe that students need professional help from trusted organizations.

How Do You Approach a Case Study Assignment?

Writing or investigating a report of this nature requires students to identify and complete certain stages involved in writing.

Before taking up such an assignment, you will need sufficient time to be able to complete each stage well. However, you should be very much aware of the stages that must be revisited while writing or analyzing the case on your report. Writing and thinking then becomes a cyclical procedure.

Tips: Case Study Format That Meets Your Expectations

Definition of the task

The first step in writing a case study is to read the case plus all the instructions that comes with the assignment. While defining the task, there are certain questions that must be answered;

  • What is the background/context of the case study?
  • What happens to be the problem in the case study?
  • Which instructions or questions have been presented to you as a guide to your analysis?
  • What tools will you be using for your analysis?
  • What knowledge do you have about this kind of problem?
  • Is there anything else you need to know?
  • How will you present your report?

Theories and tools for analysis

When writing a case study report, students should refer to;

  • Their readings
  • Course text books
  • Course notes

All these will enable them come up with the appropriate methodology for analysis. Indeed, in writing a case study, there should be a possible mention of the useful sources and tools that will be used in the assignment.

Recommendations and conclusion

After applying theories and tools, a case study is not complete without making conclusions and recommendations.

Writing a report

For a case study report to be complete, students must include a section that provides pieces of advice or solution to the problem presented in the case study.

Reference list, title page, cover page

After you are done with your research, you should ensure that your final work has a cover page, a title page and a reference list. In the end, ensure that you edit your document finally before submission.

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