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How To Write Business Research Paper

6 Steps How To Write Business Research Paper | Outline & Format


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If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you want to learn How To Write Business Research Paper effectively. Research papers showcase your understanding of a topic and how you can use such knowledge to solve real-life problems. Learning how to write a business research paper is vital because business plays a key role in the current world. From economics, finance, accounting to commerce, the business arena offers various topics to explore. Also, check out business paper writing service by our experts, who can deliver high-quality, original work for you.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to write  business research paper.

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How To Write Business Research Paper

In academics and the corporate world, writing educational and research materials has to follow set-out guidelines. Although these guidelines may vary from one institution to another, there are universal steps that you need to follow when writing a business research paper. These steps are:

  1. Formulate the Research Topic
  2. Conduct Research on the Topic
  3. Create a Rough Outline
  4. Write the Paper
  5. Cite Your Sources
  6. Proofread the Paper

Formulate the Research Topic

Choosing a research topic is one of the most crucial steps in writing an excellent business research paper. You want to spend considerable time on it. Look around for current themes and how your topic can impact the present world. You also need to make sure the topic follows your professor or instructor’s requirements.

Your topic of choice should be something you are well versed in and something that tickles your interest. Avoid topics that have been exhausted by previous scholars because you will be repeating their ideas. Furthermore, do away with topics with inadequate available information.

As a rule of thumb, consider the following when choosing a good research topic;

  • Your interest
  • Your goals
  • Available resources
  • Paper requirements

Conduct Research on the Topic

Conducting research is like gathering ingredients to prepare a meal for your guests. If you don’t gather all the required ingredients, your dish will not excite your guests. Similarly, extensive research is vital in writing a business research paper because it provides the ideas to present.

Go to the library and check out books on the topics as you note down the main ideas. You can also read online books, journals, authoritative articles, and previous research from other scholars. In this E-learning era, digging into educative videos from scholars with authority in the topic also increases your understanding of the topic.

Remember to only use data from trusted and relevant sources. This is because independent bloggers may publish misleading information that is not peer-reviewed. Source your ideas from sites with .edu,.gov, and .org extensions for online resources.

Create a Rough Outline

A rough outline represents what your research paper will look like and the critical points. After gathering your ideas from the research, create your business research paper draft. Follow your instructor’s guidelines such as introduction, thesis statement, literature review, research methods, discussion, conclusion, etc. Creating an outline gives you an overall idea of positioning your points and arguments.

When creating your draft, start with the strong points. When conducting research, you will come across easy-to-understand points that you can expound on comfortably. Other points may be unclear and might give you difficulty explaining to your reader. Position the solid easy-to-explain points at the beginning of your argument or exposition.

A draft also shows you whether your research data is enough or you need to do more research. It would be frustrating to start the writing only to find out your research is inadequate. Adequate research is crucial to produce content that shows your authority and knowledge in your research topic.

Write the Paper

Compile your points systematically and discuss them in detail to bring out your argument, exposition, or persuasion. Fill in the different subtopics with relevant and evidence-backed information to create a well-flowing narration or discussion.

Introduction and Thesis Statement

Use the introduction part to get your reader to see your topic’s perspective and the importance of your research paper. Craft a compelling thesis statement that tells the reader what your research entails. It is advisable to skip the introduction and thesis statement first and come to them later after completing the paper because you will have a broader perspective on the topic.

Literature Review

The literature review shows your reader that you have read extensively on the topic and appreciate previous scholars’ work on the topic. It also shows the unresolved issue that previous researchers missed, and your research paper seeks to address.

Research Methods and Procedures

Outline how you conducted the study and the methods and procedures you followed. This section allows your professor or the reviewing panel to judge whether your research is valid. The information you should include here includes your data collection and analysis methods.


Your business research paper has a goal or a purpose. After conducting the research, the reader wants to know what you found and your thoughts about it. For instance, if you were researching the popularity of E-commerce in 2022, your results can be percentages of how different countries use E-commerce.

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This is where you relate your research results with your thesis statement. Discuss in detail how the results contrast or agree with your argument, narrative, or explanation. The discussion part also relates your argument with a real-life problem and suggests a possible solution.


Summarize your research and point out the main points of your study. You can also provide some ideas that other researchers can advance on that were not addressed by your analysis.

Cite Your Sources

Plagiarism is a serious offense in academics and could have your paper rejected or disqualified. Correctly citing your information sources is paramount. There are types of citations, intext, and reference citations. Intext citations are placed inside the body of your paper, usually in parentheses. Reference citations, also known as bibliography, are at the end of your paper.

Citation styles vary from one institution to another, so be sure to follow the one recommended by your professor or instructor. Common citation styles include MLA, Chicago, APA, Harvard, and Oxford.

Proofread the Paper

Proofreading entails going through the paper to check if the information flows as intended. Check whether your ideas fulfill the goals you had when developing the research topic.

The other reason for proofreading is identifying and correcting typos and grammatical errors. There are several grammar-checking tools you can use to edit your paper fast in this technology age. However, these tools need a human touch to edit your work correctly. Make sure to wait a day or two before proofreading the paper. It gives your brain time to refresh and read the paper with a clear perspective.

After proofreading the paper, pass it through approved plagiarism checker such as Turnitin and Copyscape. Checking for plagiarism ensures you have correctly cited sources and paraphrased ideas for originality. The plagiarism report will also come in handy when your professor or instructor asks you to verify the uniqueness of your research paper.

What Makes a Great Business Research Paper?

Most people can write a business research paper, but only a few can produce excellent content that the reader can read to the end. If you want to write an excellent business research paper, keep the following factors in mind.

  • Write on an Interesting Topic

Choose an interesting topic if you want your research paper to stand out. The professor or the target audience wants to read something new, trendy, and resonates with current affairs. Conduct extensive research on the trending themes and choose one topic that excites you. Remember to select a trending topic that you are conversant with. If you choose a current topic that you don’t comprehend, you won’t communicate the ideas in simple language, and the audience may not read your paper to the end.

  • Be Original

Replicated work puts off professors and peer reviewers. They don’t want to read another version of previously researched work. When choosing a topic, make sure it’s a new area with unresolved issues. Explore all available resources to come up with unique and practical ideas.

However, avoid new topics with scant information. Your research may be original, but it will be hard to complete the paper without adequate information. Also, if you are wondering – ‘how to do my homework,’ our team of experts can do it for you in a flash.

  • Be Logical and Factual

For your business research paper to emerge at the top, it should contain verifiable information. Only write facts that the reader can trace to a relevant source. That is why it’s vital to avoid citing random articles on the internet.

A great research paper should also be based on a logical rationale. Knowing where to draw the line between theory and practical information is vital when working on a business research paper. This means the research can be replicated and used to make decisions.

  • Write Simply and Clearly

You should clearly explain your points in simple language. Avoid technical terms and present them in a layman’s language if you must use them. Furthermore, use everyday phrases and avoid similes, metaphors, and idioms. An easy-to-understand narration or argument keeps the reader going without stopping to check the meaning of a phrase.

  • Create Meticulous Content

An excellent business research paper is well-researched, detailed, precise, and accurate. Put across your ideas exhaustively and relate your findings with previous literature as well as current affairs. Support your data with binding evidence through in-text citations and referencing.

When a professor or peer review can follow a reference link and find verifiable information on your sources, they validate your research and award good marks.

Wrap up

Writing a business research paper entails certain common steps across the board, despite differences in institutional formats and instructions. These steps include choosing a topic, conducting research, creating an outline, writing the paper, referencing, and proofreading.

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