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How to Write a Book Critique

How to Write a Book Critique ( Format by Chapter) Like a Pro


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Your personal opinion once you have read a book is very important. However, you have to learn how to put it down- How to write a book critique – In this guide, we will guide how to critique a book step by step. The main purpose of a book critique is to put points together to determine if the reviewed book is either correct or incorrect -just like in writing persuasive essay. It is true the purpose of writing the two might be the same but a book critique structure differs from the standard 5-paragraph essay. Although both intent to convince the reader about your point of view on a particular book.

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What is a Book Critique

A book critique is a strong evaluation of a book or objective critical analysis of a book on its strengths, weakness, form your individual literary opinion and defend your opinion with facts. Your are also required to point out the main purpose of the author writing the book.

Book critique improves brain functionality by enhancing personal thinking capabilities. Furthermore, book critique also helps in creating and improving the ability to have personal opinions and judgments towards different fields of literary works.

Writing book critique is not just an easy task as you may think; it requires a lot of understanding and brain-minded capabilities. You don’t need to jump on a piece of paper and pen before establishing the right strategy for handling the assignment at hand. In the first step, you need to clearly understand the term book critique and the task before getting started.

Difference Between a Book Critique and a Book Review

Though many people find it hard to differentiate between a book critique and a book review, the reality is that a book critique requires a lot of personal creativity when writing. It’s not just a matter of summarizing a book, but a deeper analysis of the book.

Let’s clear the airwaves by defining the two related terms that people tend to confuse. A book review is a summary story aimed at making the readers understand the book easier and better. In contrast, a book critique is an analysis aimed at assessing a certain content concerning a particular book.

When creating a book critique, you need to do a deeper analysis and a clear assessment of the literature functionality of the book. Also, outline various reasons why you feel the book is worth suitable for the readers. Book critique, also known as Critical Response Report in other fields of studies, evaluates the author’s point of view, themes and main arguments, the literary styles used in writing the book, and the positive, and negative assumptions related to the book.

Types of Critique

Different types of Critique have different systems and strategies of writing. The writer needs to develop the best suitable means of critiquing them. Furthermore, the writer should describe the book’s point of view and the possible weaknesses outlined in the book.

  • Book critique

In a book critique, you need to outline the summary of the book’s content and explain the book’s negative and positive points of view for the readers to choose whether to read or not.

  • Article critique

For the article critique, you need to discuss the main arguments within its content and come up with recommendations on whether the article has positive or negative value to its readers.

Utilize proper language tools when writing the critique to make it more professional. When writing about suggestions or recommendations about a particular article. Use conditional forms of verbs such as; would, if, and would have been, and many more.

Book critique covers the authors’ arguments, from the introduction part of view up to the resolution stage. The writer should include the book’s competence details, styles used in writing, and citing evidence and quotes from the book to create a clear general view regarding the book. This should be done by outlining various aspects that would impact the reader’s understanding of the book.

How To Structure a Book Critique

What is the specified structure for a book critique? Don’t worry, have a look at the subsequent discussion!

  • An Introduction

A book critique should have a well-organized introduction. It should be simple, straightforward, and easy to understand by the readers. This introduction should create a nurturing environment that will enhance the reader’s interest.

  • The Body

The body of the book critique outlines the main themes and arguments portrayed by the author. Besides, a book critique should have a well-organized synopsis that enhances a clear argumentation of the author’s point of view. It will also enhance a smooth floor of events for easy understanding for the readers.

  • Book Critique Conclusion

Book critique has the final stage, which is the conclusion or the writer’s final verdict. Here, the writer should discuss various suggestions to persuade readers to read the book or avoid it. These suggestions should involve both negative and positive impacts of the author’s arguments.

How to Write a Book Critique

The following factors should be put into consideration before proceeding with the process of writing a critique.

  •  Read the book while noting down points and short notes regarding the author’s main arguments. The short notes will direct you toward the main ideas you want to critique.
  • Ensure you create a short summary for each section or chapter while reading the book. This will help in enhancing creativity and personal analysis of the critique.
  • While reading the book, highlight the author’s main core arguments within the book. This process is significant in determining the main themes the author is communicating.
  • Gather some additional information from other book reviews to get a clear picture of what the book is emphasizing. It will add some elaborated content and ideas of the book you are creating a critique on.
  • Make clear notes from the book reviews in order to get additional arguments to write on.
  • Ensure you don’t extract direct arguments from other written sources and reviews that could lead to plagiarized work. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.
  • You can choose 2 to 3 main themes and intensely discuss them as your main arguments.
  • Citing evidence from the book, write a detailed critique outlining the author’s point of view within the book.

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How to Start Writing a Book Critique

After considering the above critical aspects and mastering a clear outline of the book, now let’s dive into how to start a critique since this is the basic factor that will help you create the foundation basis of your critique.

How to Write the Introduction Part

The interests of your readers are motivated depending on how your critique starts. It’s an easy part of writing since it incorporates the general summary of the book. In this summary, you need to include the book’s title, the author’s name, the book’s topic, and the general impacts resulting from the book.

It’s essential to inform your readers about your reactions to the book. The reactions can either be positive or negative, depending on your judgment. If your reactions are negative, elaborate on why you feel the book is not worth reading. You need to be careful about your point of reaction.

Within the introduction, the first idea should have the author’s name, the title of the book, and the main book arguments by use of evaluation verbs. It will create a good perspective for the readers to continue reading your critique. In the second chapter, you can write a clear summary of your book with the author’s core ideas. Avoid being biased while writing this chapter.

The third chapter needs to elaborate on details of your personal evaluation. From this point of view, as stated earlier, your personal evaluation can either have a positive or a negative impact depending on your judgment. You can criticize the book by discussing various aspects that you feel are better than the author’s argument ideas. The critique essay introduction can have 1-3 paragraphs depending on the literary functional rules and guidelines.

Body of a Critique Report

There are no strict rules and guidelines on how to write the body of a  book critique. What determines the length of your critique depends on the argument ideas you need to write and the nature of the book. At Least use a maximum of five paragraphs of essay body structure to raise your arguments.

When writing the body of a critique report, consider the following factors.

  • Organization

Arrange your work in a well-organized manner for easy understanding by your readers. Your paragraphs may appear in point form or have subtitles for each paragraph or chapter. Remember, you are not only criticizing the author’s work, but also you can write to recommend the author’s good ideas and arguments.

  • Writing Styles

Create a summary of how the author applied some literary stylistic features to raise the main arguments in the book. Cite the evidence from the book to support the styles used.

  • Evidence

Discuss the author’s ideas citing evidence from the book. Explain whether the ideas have a significant impact on the readers. Put more emphasis on the reasons why the evidence from the book supports your arguments

  • Usefulness

Explain how the author’s arguments have a significant impact on the readers. Furthermore, outline how the arguments will add positive value to the current general society. How does it address some challenges within our societies?

  • Examples

Support each and every argument using examples from the book. Don’t write what is not related to the book. It will give a clear indication that you understood the book.

Following this  format on how to write a book critique is highly useful to all students, as well as reading step-by-step tips. These writing tips are also useful for people who are new to this essay type. If you need a “someone to write my paper“, ask EssayMojo ‘write paper for me‘ and we’ll give you a hand asap!

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph

This is the part that contains the writer’s final verdict. It summarizes the available content by outlining the writer’s point of judgment and the recommendations for the book. The conclusion answers the question of whether you support the author’s arguments or not by using clear illustrations.

Also, the conclusion should give your general opinion regarding the book. Inform your readers of the significance of literary ideas you criticized in the book by emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses. Now You learned how to write a book critique, continue reading this blog to learn how to write a book report

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