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How To Write Good College Admission Essay

How To Write Good College Admission Essay In 5 Steps


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We understand you know how to write an essay! However, this guide will teach you how to write  good college admission essay that will win an admission to university of choice!


Every student writes an admission essay before getting into a good college or university. Now you may think, Ah, it’s easy my friend! This is a different piece, we understand you are used to writing essays that only require evidence for argument or on a thesis statement within five paragraphs.

Well, my friend. It’s the strategy that works for a five-paragraph essay. When it comes to an college admission essay, you have to change the entire game plan and use a different approach.

Now, most people get confused while writing an admission essay. In confusion, they write something that doesn’t go with expectation of admission officers of big and famous colleges.

Now, what’s the solution? The solution is right here my friend! We gathered some tips and structure from our experienced and professional writers that will help you out!

So, without further due, let’s get started! Shall we? 😉

In order to help you write a good college application essay. We have broken these guide into:


  1. Introduction.
  2. What is an admission essay?
  3. Things you should know before writing an admission essay.
  4. Things to consider before making the formation.
  5. Consider professional help.

What is A College Admission Essay?

Lots of people ask us this question but honestly speaking the answer entirely depends on you. Since, you do not have to research on a particular topic and write on it. These is an essay that only talks about you.

It’s like you’re writing your biography in brief. It requires you to write about your grades, test, skills, and your after-school activities. Besides, your passion. However, you should reflect your entire personality in it. Indeed, you’ve to write it lucratively so that any admission officer would love to admit you to his institution.

Now, what to do it?

How can you show them how talented you are and how brilliant your visions are rather than buying an admission essay? This is the topic we’re going to cover now! Now you’ll learn how to write a killing admission essay.

Pre Writing Stage: Things you should know Before Writing a College Admission Essay

You may get angry that why we aren’t not giving you the formation. If you search over Google, you’ll find hundreds of formations. But the most important thing isn’t the formation. There are some other certain things those are more important than formation. Now we’ll discuss those facts.

Be yourself

We are quite sure that, you’re listening to this two words more often from everyone. Discovering yourself is the first step towards your success. Discovering your passion, discovering the new you is the motivational fuel that never ends. It is what every admission officer wants to see. How deep do you know yourself, how passionate you are and how clear your visions are! So, start discovering yourself otherwise no formula or fact can help you. Already feeling lost? Don’t worry mate! Our consults are always there to help you out!

Stop being fake and be honest

Don’t try to be someone else. If you haven’t done anything, then don’t write about it. Don’t write anything that you haven’t done yet! Always try to be honest. In your admission essay, you don’t need to write hundreds of accomplishment, you can, and you should also write about your weaknesses and things you don’t understand. Remember, you want to apply there for learning. So, if you write about your weakness and how that institute and course can help you to recover can also create a positive vibe. 😉

Share your personal Story

Nothing can spice up as a story does. So, a relevant story can help you to stand out in the crowd. Now, sharing a personal story doesn’t mean you can share anything vulgar or illogical. However, it doesn’t mean that your story has to be based on your academic experience. Share those storing from the life that helped you to learn and grow. Don’t hesitate to share any failure story. Even if you share how you failed, learned and improved yourself, it’ll attract more people than you think.

Write it yourself

Yes, you’re reading it from a professional academic writer. I know, it’s like I’m digging my own grave, but the truth is the truth. I can’t deny that. Why? Okay! Let me tell you in detail! Like, none knows you as you do. I don’t know how you see things or how to feel things and how do you express it. So, none knows you better than yourself. Now you tell me, who can write better about you? 😉 Now, it doesn’t mean, we can’t help you. Once you wrote your admission essay, we can help you with proofreading and editing service to make things better.

Brainstorming is the key

Brainstorming is the key! Think as much as possible. It’ll give you an idea, what you’ve to write and where you should stop. I know that for many of you, it’s a boring and frustrating thing to do. Trust me, once you overcome with it, and if you keep thinking, you’ll get the clearest vision you may need. The admission officer will notice, how much your essay reflects about your personality. Through brainstorming, you’ll find the best story and other information that you can add to the content. 

Writing down all the ideas

While brainstorming, thousands of ideas may come up in your mind. Now if you don’t write those somewhere, otherwise you’ll forget everything again! So, write down those information, incident. It’ll help you to make a strategy. It’ll make things very easy for you.

Start writing with discipline

As you already know, it’s a kind of essay where you can talk about yourself. So, you’ve to follow a simple tone with your easy words that you use in your regular life. Now it doesn’t mean, you can use any word. You’ve to avoid clichéd, slangs and difficult words strictly. It’ll create a very negative impact. Don’t write like a formal application. Use comfortable and easy words.

Be specific

Don’t use jargons and clichés while writing. Be specific to the main idea and stick with it. For keeping your reader’s attention till the end, you’ve to start with the main topic, and you’ve to keep writing about it till the end. It’ll make your content more engaging. One more thing, don’t drag things too long. Keep it short. Give the entire information attractively within the small number of words. It’s an art. Keep practicing. You’ll learn it.

Revise and revise

No matter how good you write! After writing, don’t just submit it. There is always a room for betterment. So, revise as much as possible. If you’re still confused, then you can hire our expert proofreader and editor, and they’ll take care of the revising part.

Read admission essays as much as possible

No matter how good you are at writing, if you don’t read, you’ll never find what you should write. Reading admission essays will give you a clear vision about vision, how to add humor and write about your personal experience. So, keep reading or start reading from today. Here is a sample of our admission essay, you should have a look here too.

How Do I Make My Admission Essay To Stand Out?

According to expert academic writers, you should make your own formation/outline after brainstorming. Yes, we hide it from you because we want you to realize that, you’ve to do it. However, for making the formation, at first you’ve to understand, what that particular institute want. What do the admission officer or the authority want to hear from you? Once you get it, the half work it just did there.

Now, here is an ideal outline for you. I hope you’ll get some idea from it:

Suppose, you want to get into a business school. This is how can pull it off.

  1. Introduction. (In the section, you can talk about your startup failure, success or anything funny to grab reader’s attention)
  2. Your love, dedication, and fascination for business studies. (In this section, you’ve to write about your passion, commitment, and attraction for business and why you want to learn more out it)
  3. School Experience. (Here you’ve to write about your academic things like grade, assignment, and other activities)
  4. Personal Story: You can write any of your own experience here (such as startup failure or business lesson learned from any company’s growth or failure). No matter good or bad but at the need, make the reader realize that you learned from it.
  5. Conclusion: In this section, write how that institute can help you to achieve your goal and why you want to join them. Don’t forget to write about your vision about the industry you want to join.
For example,
  1. A digital marketing agency growth and failure but still satisfied because you learned something. (Humorously show your failure. Don’t seek for sympathy).
  2. Why I loved marketing and how passionate I was.
  3. My business and marketing related works or grades in school or college. Writing about competitions, I participate, or I won. Also writing about skills I gained when I was in school or college.
  4. Your startup story and how it grows or failed. (A small brief and what you learned from it)
  5. How ‘institute’ can help me. My vision for the future digital marketing industry. You should end the essay by writing about these two things.

So, it was an example. I believe you can also make proper formation or outline like it.

Consider Professional Help

Writing a good college admission essay is crucial. A good essay can help you to get into your dream university with full scholarship in USA, UK or Australia. I hope, after reading the entire content, you know how important the admission essay is and how to write it.

If you want to write a killer piece of college admission essay, please consider all the facts we said in the article. However, if you think you need someone to write your essay or an editor or proofreader, please contact us, our premium editors are always there to help you out.

In a Nutshell;

The main idea behind essays is to make sure your intention for seeking to join the course, university or company as well as your capability of gaining from while at the same time being useful to it. The kind of reply that you provide at this stage best gives a clear picture of who you are than can be found in any other part of the application, hence enabling the evaluate to draw a clear distinction between you and other applicants.

Though in rare cases, essays are used to decide the fate of an applicant. The reason for having an admission essay is to display to the committee your most outstanding abilities. In addition, it brings out your writing skills as well as the ability to express your view in a systematically flowing manner.


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