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How To Write 5 Paragraph Essay In English


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When it comes to College essays, 5 paragraph essay in English is something that you should learn today. Why? It because, in our academic life, you’ve to write it more often. If you’re going to a college or attending any exams like SAT, TOFEL or IELTS, then you’ll meet it for sure.


As you already know it’s coming soon in your life. Don’t hesitate! It’s quite easy if you can memorize the structure of it. As the title sounds like, a five-paragraph essay is an essay that has to do within five paragraphs, and in each para, you’ve explained all five stages.

For helping you, today we’re sharing all the tips our premium writer follows and still if you can’t make it don’t worry our premium service is always at your doorsteps. So, let’s start the ultimate guideline that’ll make it much easier for you.


  1. Introduction
  2. What is the five-paragraph essay?
  3. Types of Five-Paragraph Essays
  4. Making an Outline
  5. How to Write Five Paragraph Essay in English
  6. How to Make Your Five Paragraph Essay Stand Out?
  7. Essay Topics

What is Five-Paragraph Essay?

As you can already guess, it is an essay that has to be done within 5 paragraphs. Within this five paragraphs, you’ve to make a full academic informative piece which describes to the chosen topic in detail.

For writing a great piece of essay, you need to do some tasks like researching, summarizing, paraphrasing and coming up with some controversy.  You’ve to do all these for every paragraph. On the other side, the essay also has to be engaging and readable.

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Undoubtedly, if you practice writing five-paragraph essay regularly, you’ll be pro. It’ll also help you to improve your analytical and writing skill. In competitive exams, a great five-paragraph will help you to achieve more marks.

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Types of 5 Paragraph Essays

In the writing industry, five-paragraph essay is indeed a genre, and every student has to go through it in their academic life. So, you don’t have any other way without making preparations for it.

Before you start making preparations for it, I think you should know, how many types it has! There are five types of essays are available. Those are-

Before writing an essay always consider what the question wants, and once you understand the question, you’ll know which category it is and how to write it.

So, these are the types of five-paragraph essays, and all kind follows the underlying structure. However, some books and blogs also mention more categories, but we believe these are the necessary sorts.

According to our expert writers, you have to start practicing from today. Also, outline and memorize the structure of it. This exercise will make you comfortable with it.

Don’t you think, before started writing you need some quick tips and guideline for writing a killer 5 paragraph essay? So, let’s get started!

Making an Outline

Most  professors and academicians believe in an Outline, and so you should outline first. For example, here is an ideal outline.

  • Introduction
  • Paragraph One
  • Paragraph Two
  • Paragraph Three
  • Conclusion
  • References (If needed)

So, it’s simple and easy to remember. In the next section, we’ll discuss about all these paragraphs. So, let’s begin.

How to Write Five Paragraph Essay in English

As we already outlined. Now we’ve to start writing. Like all other essays, the first section of five paragraph essay is Introduction. So, let’s see how to write an introduction.


This opening paragraph ought to as well have the thesis statement so as to the essay a direction. It is at this stage that the writer awakens the attention of the reader. This paragraph provides the reader with a picture of what the material is all about. The parting line of this paragraph is in itself a bridge that links the reader to the next stage of the document.

Do you know what Google’s recent survey shows? It shows that how fast people decide what to read and what not too. Well, it’s less than two seconds.

Within two seconds, if you can’t attract your reader, then they’ll be gone. I hope you’re getting what we’re trying to say.

Yes, your introduction is the game changer. It’ll decide if the reader was going to read it or not. For making it more engaging, you’ve to make your introduction exciting and mysterious.

Now the question is, how can you make your introduction attractive? So, here are some facts you should follow before writing the introduction.

  • Use hook sentences in the introduction. It’ll catch the reader’s attention as a hook does.
  • Don’t make it too long. It’s better if you can finish it within five to six lines.
  • The paragraph should show some reasons to read the essay.
  • Don’t forget to add the last sentence of your thesis’s statement. Also, keep your purpose clear.
  • For making your introduction more engaging, you can add some shocking facts, humorous facts, and jokes or any real-life incident.
  • If you want to take it to the next level, don’t forget to add rhetorical questions.

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The Body Paragraph’s

When you’re done with the introduction, now you’ve to write about body paragraphs. Usually, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paras are the body paragraph. Now within this three paras, you’ve to clear the entire topic.

Now there is something you should know. Every ideal and engaging body paragraph follows a structure. Which is-

  • Introduction Sentence
  • Data or Argument (depends on your topic demands)
  • Conclusion.

Now you’ve got the ideal outline, so now you have to follow some facts while writing and here are those-

  • Don’t make it too long.
  • Use transition words.
  • Use lucrative phases.
  • Keep it short. Try to finish within seven sentences.
  • In argument paragraphs, don’t go too deep.
  • While establishing a point, use power and strong words.
  • Don’t use vague sentences and clichés.
  • While setting the outline, design your paragraphs.

Now, our professional writer suggests everyone follow a pattern.

Which is:

Body – First paragraph within the body.

There should be a very powerful reasoning backed up with appropriate example and a brilliantly elaborate illustration at this paragraph. The very opening statement of this paragraph should welcome the closing sentence of the introductory paragraph. For this paragraph, the theme or rather the subject should either be in the first or the second line. The subject should be in line with the already written thesis statement. The closing line at this stage should bridge us with the paragraph that follows.

Body – Second paragraph

This paragraph need to have the second most powerful argument together with the second most appropriate example and second most brilliant illustration or in other words, it should have a smooth and clear succession from the previous one. Its opening line should pick from the closing line of the above paragraph. Its theme should be in the first or the second line and it should be relevant to the thesis statement which is in the opening paragraph.  Just like in the above paragraphs, the last line should link the reader with the next paragraph.

Body – Third paragraph

The reasoning, examples and illustrations at this stage should be shallow with a far resemblance to the immediate former paragraph. Its first statement should be a continuation of the closing line of the previous paragraph. There should be a relationship between its subject and the thesis statement which is in the opening paragraph. The concluding line of this paragraph should alert the reader that the last key statement pertaining to this essay is being released. This line bridges the reader to the next or rather the concluding paragraph. The pattern keeps the reader’s attention. So, you can use this format for writing body format. However, don’t make it lengthy otherwise everyone will lose the focus.

Concluding paragraph

This final paragraph does briefing of what already has been captured. Given this is the final opportunity the writer has to win the heart of the reader to his or her side, it is very necessary to restate thesis and provide three most powerful and authentic supporting arguments.

The following need to be in this last paragraph:

  • An allusion to the pattern used in the introductory paragraph: Thesis statement should be restated in a language that appears to be original if not the purely. That is; the statement should not be lifted.
  • A summary of the three main points from the body of the essay. There also has to be an alerting statement that brings it to the attention of the reader that the argument is at its conclusion.

All’s well if the ending well. If you can hold your reader to the conclusion, then you made a great piece of essay indeed. However, have you ever thought, what can ruin the reader’s mode or what can give you the highest number?

Yes, it’s the conclusion. Many students think, the conclusion isn’t something necessary, but it is. It is the sum up of your entire work. For making your end better, you must have to follow some considerations, and that are: –

  • The conclusion should sound like; you’ve covered the full essay within a few sentences.
  • It has to be related to your thesis. So always write on your thesis’s relatable essays.
  • If your thesis isn’t relevant to your essay then change your thesis,
  • Add some mystery in conclusion.
  • You can also use hook sentences and persuasive arguments in the paragraph.
  • Don’t use any citation or attachment in the last paragraph. It works like a block. Let your reader feel the words without any blocks.

While writing the last part, if you follow all these advice then your work will stand out in the crowd.

We know, these are quite tough to do. However, don’t worry we’re always here to help you within your budget.

How to Make Your 5 Paragraph Essay Stand Out?

Now you learned how you will do an essay that will give you good marks and all. However, if you want to make something that’ll show up and it’ll create a good impression of yours then you’ve to little bit extra hard work.

For those who want to make an impressive copy, here are some secrets from our EssayMojo writers.

  • Don’t use complicated words.
  • Write short sentences.
  • Sticks with the topic.
  • Share the author’s references.
  • Share your point of view or idea.
  • Don’t write anything illogical.
  • Use hook sentences. It’ll hold the readers.
  • Write references. See our article: How to write a reference page.
  • Add as many trustworthy sources you can.
  • Don’t add any source that is more than five years old.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes.

If you want to make an impressive piece, then keep these facts in your head.

Things to consider before choosing an five paragraph essay topic?

If you want to write a remarkable essay, then you’ve to choose your topic wisely. So, here are some tips which will help you to select the text.

We’ll give you only five question! Before choosing any topic, think and try to find the answer to these five questions.

  • Can you write on this topic?
  • Is it relatable with your thesis and can you establish the last sentence of it?
  • Is it easy to research or not?
  • Can you make something interesting about this topic?
  • Can you build up your idea in it?

If you think, you’re getting definite answers then go for it.

Bonus: 10 Best Essay Topics to Study

Okay so here is a bonus section for all of you. We’ll show you 15 best topics for five paragraphs essays. So, let’s get into it.

  • The perfect age for dating
  • When it comes to defining personality, fashion isn’t that important.
  • Holocaust
  • Time Management
  • The nuclear weapon is a killing device.
  • Smoking in public places should be banned
  • Specific age limit for drinking at smoking
  • The consequences of the earthquake
  • Is there anyone who can go above the law?
  • Why is the censorship of internet essential?

These are some great topics you should study before starting writing five paragraph essays. So, read all this today.  One more thing, before deciding an issue, always consider if it’s relevant with your thesis or not and the topic has all the ability to prove your idea or not!


We hope now you can write a great piece of the five-paragraph essay. We know, it’s quite tricky but not impossible to write.

Still, if you think you can’t do it, don’t worry. We’re here to help you out. Just order Now from our Essay Writing Service  and enjoy your full-marks.

Best of luck!


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