Introductory paragraph

This opening paragraph ought to as well have the thesis statement so as to the essay a direction. It is at this stage that the writer awakens the attention of the reader. This paragraph provides the reader with a picture of what the material is all about. The parting line of this paragraph is in itself a bridge that links the reader to the next stage of the document.

Body – First paragraph

There should be a very powerful reasoning backed up with appropriate example and a brilliantly elaborate illustration at this paragraph. The very opening statement of this paragraph should welcome the closing sentence of the introductory paragraph. For this paragraph, the theme or rather the subject should either be in the first or the second line. The subject should be in line with the already written thesis statement. The closing line at this stage should bridge us with the paragraph that follows.

Body – Second paragraph

This paragraph need to have the second most powerful argument together with the second most appropriate example and second most brilliant illustration or in other words, it should have a smooth and clear succession from the previous one. Its opening line should pick from the closing line of the above paragraph. Its theme should be in the first or the second line and it should be relevant to the thesis statement which is in the opening paragraph.  Just like in the above paragraphs, the last line should link the reader with the next paragraph.

Body – Third paragraph

The reasoning, examples and illustrations at this stage should be shallow with a far resemblance to the immediate former paragraph. Its first statement should be a continuation of the closing line of the previous paragraph. There should be a relationship between its subject and the thesis statement which is in the opening paragraph. The concluding line of this paragraph should alert the reader that the last key statement pertaining to this essay is being released. This line bridges the reader to the next or rather the concluding paragraph.

Concluding paragraph

This final paragraph does briefing of what already has been captured. Given this is the final opportunity the writer has to win the heart of the reader to his or her side, it is very necessary to restate thesis and provide three most powerful and authentic supporting arguments.


The following need to be in this last paragraph:

  1. an allusion to the pattern used in the introductory paragraph,
  2. Thesis statement should be restated in a language that appears to be original if not the purely. That is; the statement should not be lifted.
  3. A summary of the three main points from the body of the essay.
  4. There also has to be an alerting statement that brings it to the attention of the reader that the argument is at its conclusion.