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Find out how many words are in specific minutes speech. Use free words to minutes converter at EssayMojo to calculate your word count and time limit. It is estimated that an average person speech is in the range of 125 words to 150 words per minute

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Confidence or a formidable text does not and are not elements of an excellent public speaker. The presentation is the most important element. A successful presentation is the ability to make your talk polished to wow the audience. Capturing the attention of people during public speaking is a difficult endeavor. Converting words to minutes will ensure that you have satisfied the golden rule.

What Benefits Does Words to Minutes Converter Offer?

During preparation for your speech, ask yourself how long the speech will take. Experienced speech writers understand that the timeline of a speech is essential. The results you get are influenced by the length of the presentation and the time it will take to present it. You cannot have a 3 minutes speech that has a 2 minutes introduction. You will be destined to fail. Most speakers are afflicted with problem of not imagining the time required for a speech with consideration of the speed they will use during the talk.

EssayMojo has a brand new feature that allows you to transform their public speaking experience from dismal to excellent. Our converting tool counts phrases and reduces your article to fit perfectly into your desired timeline. The ideal amount of material is determined by a speech calculator. It also recommends the amount of sentences to be added or removed according to your phrases, minutes, and average speaking rate. In less than 60 seconds, you can find out your recommended words per minute speech count.

EssayMojo words per minute calculator will add sentences one by one to find the perfect word to speech formula, saving you the stress of sitting in front of a computer all day long.  You do not have to spend time polishing the length of your article because our speech time calculator will offer you excellent assistance. Our calculator will assist you in calculating words per minute focusing on quality and quantity, making your presentation memorable and interesting. Most importantly, you need to remember that regardless of whether you are a business owner or a student the quality of your presentation is determined by how you smartly deliver information to audience

The following table below provides an indication of the minutes for a speech (based on an average reading speed of 125 words per minute):

column A

  • How long is a 125 words speech? 1 minute speech
  • How long is a 250 words speech? 2 minutes speech
  •  How long is a 375 words speech?  3 minutes speech
  • How long is a 500 words speech?  4 minutes speech
  • How long is a 625 words speech? 5 minutes speech
  • How long is a 1250 words speech?  10 minutes speech
  • How long is an 1875 words speech? 15 minutes speech
  • How long is a 2500 words speech? 20 minutes speech

column B

  • How many words are in 4 minutes speech? 500 words
  • How many words are in 8 minutes speech? 1000 words
  • How many words are in 10 minutes speech? 12500 words
  • How many words are in 12 minutes speech? 1500 words
  • How many words are in 14 minutes speech? 1750 words
  • How many words are in 16 minutes speech? 2000 words
  • How many words are in 20 minutes speech? 2500 words
  • How many words are in 24 minutes speech? 3000 words
  • How many words are in 30 minutes speech? 3750 words
  • How many words are in 32 minutes speech? 4000 words


Ensure to select your speech speed since it has a direct influence on the time. In most cases your speech will be slow sometimes and fast as well. The average speech time is usually the best indication of how long your presentation or speech will last. It does not matter whether it is business presentation or a wedding speech. Our words to minutes converter will precisely help you.