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Writing a dissertation is one of the most challenging tasks a student has to carry out. However, students are required to write a dissertation at least once during their course. To make this task less hectic, students are advised to choose topics for their dissertations that they are good at. In choosing such a topic, the students need to put various factors into considerations. A student must determine if the topic is properly researched, if the topic can merit an investigation and if the topic has enough material to reach the required number of words. These guidelines will ensure that the dissertation topic you choose is relevant to the course you are pursuing. For a dissertation, the topic you choose needs to be approved by the instructor from your academic institution.

Challenges While Choosing Dissertation Topics

There are students who have had a tough time deciding their dissertation topics. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the most common challenges that students face when they are choosing a dissertation topic.

  • Inadequate data on a dissertation topic

Students may be successful in choosing a relevant dissertation topic. However, the topic that they choose may not have enough materials to reach the required number of words.

  • Boring dissertation topic

Dissertations are very long essays. Students therefore have problems choosing a topic they enjoy as most of them may seem boring. For this reason, students need to choose a topic that they actually enjoy. If a student chooses a topic they don’t like, it will show in the dissertation paper.

  • Wide topics

Students need to avoid electing a dissertation topic that is too wide. For instance, choosing a topic like ‘climate change’ without specifying the scope that the dissertation will cover will lead to students simply stating generalities. If a student chooses such a topic, they should specify the region they intend to focus on.

We have identified these topics as the most prevalent among students when choosing their dissertation topics. In the section below, we are going to discuss the best ways to overcome these hurdles.

How to select the correct Dissertation Topics

  • Make it relevant to your career goals

The dissertation topic that you choose should be relevant to your career objective. If you want to be a doctor, for example, your dissertation topic should cover the field of medicine.

  • It should be interesting to you

Dissertations are very long essays and when a student chooses a topic they don’t like, they may be unable to finish it. Therefore, students should choose a topic they are interested in.

  • Ensure its doable

The dissertation you choose should contain should contain enough information to fill the required number of words while ensuring that it is not too wide

  • Avoid complicated topics

School instructors insist that students have to get their dissertation topics approved before they can write about them. This is so as to avoid complicated research topics by students.

The correct procedure involves the student writing down proposals for their dissertation topics. The proposed topics are then submitted to school instructors for approval.

Procedure for choosing a dissertation topic

Our dissertation experts have outlined a simple procedure that students are advised to follow when choosing a dissertation topic. The students should first make an outline of all the interesting topics in their subject of study. The students should then research on the topics to ensure that the chosen topics are neither too wide nor too narrow. Finally, the students should discuss all the chosen topics with their school instructors and select them according to the instructions given by their instructors.

Examples of Dissertation Topics

In this section, we are going to identify a subject of study and then give an example of a suitable dissertation topic.

  • Students studying Business Marketing might consider a topic such as, “The suitability of oral communication in marketing in the modern age”
  • Those students majoring in finance should consider “The impact of corporate policy in attracting investors” as their dissertation topic.
  • Students studying law should consider a dissertation topic such as, “The evolution of corporate law in the United States”
  • Their counterparts in education may be interested in a dissertation topic such as, “Importance of pre-schools in the United States’ education system”
  • Finally, those undertaking economics should consider dissertation topics such as, “Impact of American sanctions on the Chinese economy”

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