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Writing a speech that is interesting, gripping, and informative requires hard work. It is difficult because mostly speech writing follows different principles from other writing practices. A speech combines elements of spoken and written language. Rather than being read, speech is meant to be listened to. Therefore, special attention is required in structuring, thorough planning, time input, and hard labor are essential in writing a speech.

Additionally, it requires creativity and appealing presentation skills. Only a few people are equipped with these skills. This is the reason for searching for speech writing service. The services are offered by professionals speech writers who ensure that a speech expresses your thoughts in a clear and convincing manner.

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Have you ever been asked to give a speech and you feel butterflies in the stomach and sweaty palms?

  • Did you start getting jitters?
  • Were you worried you would not be able to deliver anything meaningful?

This is common among many people. However, the problem is not giving a speech the problem is writing one.

Writing a speech requires planning and good structuring. Do you feel like you are not gifted to prepare a speech in a persuasive and clear manner? Worry no more. Speech writing service is now available online to everyone. All you need is to hire a speech writer helper and stop wondering where to find such service . EssayMojo offers online speech writing service carried out by talented and gifted professionals.

Our professionals understand how difficult it gets in writing a good speech. This is why they are ready to offer these services. Are you looking for the funeral, political, sermon, school, debates, or resignation speeches? Online speech writers are ready to help you.

 How to write a good speech (Tips)

Following are the steps to a good speech writing process.

Research your audience.

The first step to writing a speech is finding out the audience you are trying to reach with the writing. This is common to any type of writing. Knowing the target helps in writing a more effective speech. For example, when you are asked to give a speech during a chamber of commerce meeting, the target audience will be the members of the chamber. After identifying the audience, you are able to direct the speech towards them. Some of the questions to ask yourself at this point include;

  • What are the needs of this audience?
  • Are there problems that I can solve for them?
  • What other things should I consider about this audience?
Select a topic.

For a speech to be good, its message must match with the occasion. The message should resonate with the needs of the target audience. Choosing a relevant topic helps in keeping a speech focused. It is important that you avoid covering too much information. Have a tightly focused speech prevents the audience from being overwhelmed.

The topic should be guided by a certain purpose either inspiring, leading to action, supporting, or instructing. Selecting a topic is one of the elements of a speech that most writers find difficult. Narrowing down to a relevant topic requires expertise. Don’t worry because our online writers ensure that the best topic is selected for your speech. All you need is to hire an online speech writing service.

Get organized Speech Writing Format Outline.

Getting the right information in the right order is important in this stage. Think of the speech like a mountain journey. This will give it a shape.


Think of introduction as getting ready for a trip up a mountain. Here you grab the attention of the audience. You prepare them to get ready for the journey. The introduction should provide a reason for the audience to join you in the journey, reasons why the journey will be interesting, and why they should trust you to lead them. Opening a speech with quotes or important remarks helps in establishing credibility.

The main body

This section requires that you keep the audience engaged throughout the speech. You should use facts, stories, and examples to communicate the main ideas. Each idea should take its own paragraph. This ensures that you stay focused. The main argument should be supported with at least three strongest points.

Start with the strong argument. This will help in capturing the attention and support of the audience. The stronger argument should be in the middle. End with the strongest argument. Ending with the strongest argument ensures that the audience is impressed.

Transitioning with be clear and sensible. Use sentences like, ‘this takes us back to the main argument’. This will avoid the mistakes that writers make by assuming that people can easily follow changes in ideas. Clear transitions show that work is cohesive rather than a series of independent points.


The conclusion is the climax of a speech. It powerfully demonstrates the key message. In addition, it should be memorable to capture the essence of the speech. besides, being a summary of the entire speech. Repeat main ideas. This will ensure that the audience leaves with the ideas you prefer they don’t forget.

Does getting the speech organized sound difficult? That is why speech writing services are available. You only need to get online, search for online speech writers and pap! A customized speech is prepared professionally just for you.

How To Make A Speech Effective

Select words wisely

To ensure that the audience understands and appreciates your speech, it is important that you use simple words. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience. Using complicated words may end up confusing the audience.

Make the writing graphic.

The aim of every speech is to make the arguments stick in the audience’s mind. Illustrating the message even through stories or charts will ensure that it sticks. Graphics are well known for enhancing memory.

Focus on the main arguments.

Every speech should have one message. It is only this message that should be addressed. Many people are tempted to address many things while writing a speech. However, it is important that you focus on the main message thoroughly. Once a point has been addressed, move on to the next point. This will help in avoiding addressing unrelated details.

Do not worry about making your speech more effective. This is why “we” a speech writing service is available. Hire an online speech writer and get the speech. You will spend fewer efforts and money for a more effective, clear, and persuasive speech.

 Writing the speech final draft

The first draft

After you have written the first draft, look for someone similar to your audience and have them read the speech. After they have read, ask for feedback. Some of the questions to ask are;

  • Is the speech meaningful?
  • Are there issues that are not addressed?
  • What impression does the speech give?

Their feedback will help in making any necessary changes.

Check clarity

Go through the speech to make sure that the unclear sentences are made clear. Be clear is important as it ensures that no point is missed. Clarity is what stands out in a speech.

Make the final draft

When the content is ready, write the final draft. Then, test the material by reading it several times. This will ensure that you are comfortable when delivering the speech.

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Sample Speech : Speech example for students and everyone

Here is an example of a captivating speech from one of our online speech writer.

If you are here it is because you care about our nation. You want to make sure that I have solutions to the problems our nation is facing. Well, you are in the right place.

Our focus today is children. More often than not you hear people saying that children are our future. What is the actual meaning of this phrase? It means children should be our priority. They require the best education. An education system that will secure their future. Based on the state average, it is clear that our children are performing poorly. This calls for policy changes in education system.

Some years back, we were known for better schools. Currently, other states have taken over this position. The allocation of resources in other sectors such as tourism has beautified or state. However, the beauty comes with a cost. Reduction of resource allocation in schools affect competency. Therefore, we need to spend more on education to ensure that our students compete with colleagues at the national level.

We need a leader with such actual solutions.  We need a better approach to improve the lives of our children. If you elect me, I will serve the needs of this state. I will prioritize education and other needs will follow.

Vote today! Vote a new future!……………………………………..

Clearly, preparing a clear and persuasive speech requires effort, time, and talent. Looking at the sample speech, one clearly see that more efforts were put in coming up with the clear and persuasive speech. The speech clearly identifies with the audience giving it the power to influence them to vote it the leader.

In a nutshell

The problem is that not everyone is equipped with such prowess. This is why it is smart to seek help from online speech writing services. All you need is to hire an online speech writer with expertise in speech writing or writing essays online. You can be assured of a quality speech that expresses your thoughts in a persuasive and clear manner just as the audience requires.