Social Responsibility Notice

Dear clients and visitors to our site,

As a custom writing company, we are not only accountable to our clients and writers to achieve our main goal in business, but also we should obey well-known social morals and doctrines.

As a business we cannot offer guarantees against misappropriation or incorrect use of research material by a client which likely could have direct consequences. However, we have recognized circumstances where the basic human rights, health and life might openly be contingent to the decisions of our customers in the real world proficient situations.

Consequently, we have identified subjects and fields of study where misuse or inappropriate use of research material by a customer could possibly have direct implications. We have acknowledged situations where primary human rights, life, and health might directly depend on the decisions of our customers in real-world professional situations.

We believe these areas include:




Architecture, building, and planning


Civil engineering

Criminology and criminal law

Criminal justice

Medical sciences  (anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, etc.)

Kindly note this subjects might change and more subjects added in the near future.

In consideration of the above areas, as a company we have decided to apply the same treatment to subtopics and topics viewed to be contentious, for example abortion and gay marriage.

As a result of the policy, as much as our papers can be delivered directly to the professor. We will encourage all our clients to stick to our disclaimer.