Are we taking it too far by blaming fast-food restaurants for obesity? When is it individual responsibility and when is it appropriate to place blame?

If there are businesses gaining high profits include fast food companies. They have become diverse and entrepreneurs just running for opening just simple fast food because of the massive profits. Therefore, is it significant to blame the fast food companies for the health related complexities such as obesity? If this question needs to be addressed fairly, there is need to consider the aspect of who is responsible for obesity? And does it mean that our brains are retrieved from thinking when we consider the aspect of taking excess fast foods full of calories up to a point of becoming obese? This is where the term individual responsibility needs to be analyzed and included in the overall discussion.

While walking down the streets you see this nice and good smelling foods, fries, burgers and the rest and you are like “I need to get a bite” ask your self “after the bite what are the consequences” Let’s allow people to make profits in offering the yummy varieties of fast foods, and on the other hand, let us allow our brains to think of the consequences of fast foods intake as result of obesity, in this way we can be totally fair.

Fast foods are cheap and fast but does it mean that they make somebody fat and healthy; not really, it depends on an individual choice and lifestyle. There are companies that provide low calorie fast foods with different health delicacies and options. Provided with such options, then an individual buys fast foods and starts blaming the fast foods companies for unhealthy issues, does it mean that gaining high weight is as a result of the fast foods.

We need to understand on the significance and terms of Fast foods, if we buy fast foods in low calorie companies then it is obvious that we won’t get obese, we will be obese as result of other reasons but not fast foods.

Individual responsibility is a general term that defines our personal responsibility on the choices we make in life; let’s not adhere on the terminologies of blaming rather than becoming responsible on ourselves and understanding what we need in life. This marks the overall discussion, there is no need of blaming fast food companies as a result of health related issues, lets take the responsibility, you are fat because you made a choice of taking high calorie food and not because the fast food companies forced you to take high calorie foods.