The presentation of a students’ research paper plays a vital role in identifying the citation style used. When the student decides to write a research paper the course instructor may require them to use a certain format and one such is the APA research paper format. When the student is given an APA research paper it is important to write it in an A4 size paper and an acceptable font to be used for the reader to be able to differentiate italics from the normal font. There are guidelines that one should follow should they choose to use the APA research paper format.

The first important thing when writing an APA research paper is to create a header in every page with the page number on the right and the title of the research paper to the left. On the title page, the header should appear as the running header while the rest of the pages the header should appear with the title of the research paper. The student should ensure that their title does not contain any abbreviations and not to be more than twelve words. In the APA research paper format, all the text in your research paper should be double-spaced including the title.

In the APA research paper format, citations are to be made within the text if they come from other sources. This format does not use footnotes and endnotes. At you will find a team of highly qualified writers who will offer assistance in your citations by offering a set of instructions to follow.

If you are citing work from two authors, their names should always be cited within the phrase and separated by an ‘and’. If the authors are three to five, then a list of all their names should be cited after the phrase or parenthesis. For citations of more than one works by different authors, they should be cited the way they appear in the phrase and then separated with a semicolon. For example [Jefferson 2001; Barlow 2005]

The research material can also be obtained from electronic sources. The APA research paper format requires that you use the author-date method to cite these sources. For sources with unknown authors and no dates, the student should use two of the title in the parenthesis as the author’s name and the abbreviations ‘n.d’ where the date is not given.

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