Academic Writing Research Paper

What do we mean when we say ‘An academic research paper ?’

An academic research paper is a high-level analysis of a perspective or an argument about a point. It does not matter the nature and the type of the research paper you are writing, your final academic writing research paper should be a presentation of an individualized thinking backed up with relevant references and information.

At the mention of a research paper, an image that comes to the mind is one that involves working with heaps of books and articles, hunting for unavailable information and creating an argument that is of your own. Whatever image an individual creates, they can be sure that envisioning the use of many resources to gather information is in every image. However, an academic  research paper is more than just creating a list of sources. It is more than just having a collection of several information about a topic and more than just creating a review of existing literature for a particular field.

What are the different types of academic writing?

To make it parallel, a lawyer must perform his own research, read on available cases in order to support his argument. On the other side, a scientist must also read very many cases available that can help support an individual idea of a scientific discipline. In this same way, a student taking up history may be in the discussion of the Vietnam war could make sure he reads historical books, follow interview sessions of history and read the current new paper article to support his viewpoint with this evidence.

What is the basic structure of any academic writing?

This brings us to an understanding that an academic  research paper is an expansion of an essay that comes to present an individualized evaluation or interpretation. When you are writing an essay, you apply every detail that you know personally and have thought about that particular topic. When you are writing an academic research paper, you are expected to build upon your knowledge about the subject and make deliberate attempts to find what professionals know about the same subject.

An academic research paper must involve conducting surveys in the specific field and find the best possible data available in that field to explain the different phenomena used in research. This survey must be focused and orderly especially if you have knowledge on how to approach your survey. Many students get worried because they could get lost in the sea of resources, which is expected for someone who is not an expert research paper writer.

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