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Privacy : Confidentiality Policy

At we take confidentiality very seriously. However, we have noticed that sometimes communication between writers and customers in chat within some orders tends to ignore the sensitive principles of confidentiality. Because of this, we have decided to introduce three principles of confidentiality we ask all customers to follow: is really values the need to maintain confidential relationships with its customers. Be that as it may, our company has noted that communication taking place between the customers and writers through our chat enabled service might undermine various aspects of our confidentiality policy. In light of this fact, we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce additional guidelines that are designed to enhance the overall confidentiality of our customers and these guidelines are as follows.

Do not share personal contacts with writers: Personal contact information such as your phone number, email address, name or even your learning institution should never be shared with our writers. It is important to note that the system provides an adequate platform for both clients and writers to adequately exchange all required information without necessarily having to use any other means of communication. For instance, you can easily share additional resources such as documents right within the order page. In case of an urgent communication and the writer is offline, you are advised to contact our support team and they will do all they can to sort out the issue.

Do not give the writer your login details to your school or university website: We do not encourage customers to issue log in details to their university website to our writers. In case there is any material that is required from the website, we advise that you download it yourself and upload it to the writer through our system.

Do not deal with the writer directly via PayPal, wire transfers, or any other payment method. Dealing with the writer directly through PayPal or any other payment method exposes you to various online scams. The most appropriate way of making any payments to the writer is channeling the same through our website. is a CERTIFIED MCAFEE SECURE website.

All in all, utmost confidentiality is one of them key tenets informing on our operations. Our company will never require you to furnish us with information which we do not need. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of customers to ensure that their communication with writers maintains the same level of confidentiality. When you place an initial order with us, you will be deemed to have agreed to comply with our confidentiality policy.