Plagiarism : A Common Writer’s Dilemma And (How To Fix It)

There are many faces to plagiarism but the most common face is that plagiarism is an offense and it is prohibited because students tend to take advantage of the act. While interacting with learners, you will realize that one of the most popular issues faced by students with regard to plagiarism emanates from citation and referencing. Having to give credit to the original author is very necessary but most students do not have knowledge of how it is done. It is not enough to give credit to whom it is due but doing it in a way that is accepted is an issue when trying to bring out sound argument. Most writers do not know that the fact of giving credit to authors in the end benefits them.

During research, a writer might use a number of articles and sources and having to cite each source in the proper format could be daunting and that is why students often overlook the factor of having to cite sources. In as much as the process of citing and referencing is a long one, writers should understand that mentioning original authors is beneficial to them especially when one seeks to avoid getting into contact with the law.

Are you wondering how citation can be done to avoid plagiarism?

Read through the document and find out how. One thing writers should always have in mind is that citing and referencing is done depending on a format. There are two major formats used by writers; APA and MLA. Other formats that students could also use are Turabian, Harvard and Chicago.

When issuing assignments, instructors normally inform students of the format of citation they need to use before starting the process of research. Before beginning your writing process, you can clarify with your instructor on which format should be used. At the same time, if you are confused about what your instructor has given to you as an explanation you can turn to a variety of internet sources that provide help with the same.

Websites such as help by teaching students how to engage in proper citation and sticking to the formats given by your instructor. A number of colleges would conduct training’s or seminars to brief students on the topic of proper citation.

Effects of Plagiarism Dilemma to a student writer

Writing a paper to be presented for grading should be taken as a serious task because plagiarism is an issue instructors, parents and policy makers and even the law are out to watch out for. While writing a paper, students should always remember that there are serious punishments to the same which include being expelled from school, being suspended for a long period of time, paying huge fines to the victim and even serving a jail term.

Being caught for plagiarism will not only result in a failing grade, the student might be kicked out of school and the chances of joining another school might be stripped from him because the negative credentials and the bad impression will be shared among schools. It is expected that students do not want to be sent away from school or suffer the above mentioned consequences. Cheating is not only copy pasting somebody else’s work but failing to give credit to the author is automatic cheating.

How to fix the Dilemma

Students can still prevent such kind of shame from occurring and one of the ways to do so is by learning the different ways of citing and referencing people’s works and learning also when citations should be used. Do not worry about the different formats and how to use them because this information can be found on the internet. So if you do not wish to be kicked out of school, make sure you familiarize yourself with these formats and build your career.

Also, learners should remember that using other people’s ideas is not worth anything but it could be worth using these ideas to build your own but mentioning where these ideas came from. Ignorance is not an excuse to committing plagiarism and whether you use the ignorance excuse or you are found to have committed plagiarism with knowledge, the consequences are the same. Therefore, students should know that the larger burden of avoiding plagiarism rests on their shoulders and instructors are just there to give clarification where learners have less understanding.

Do not be caught up in the dilemma of being ignorant a bout plagiarism as a writer or having no knowledge about what should be done throughout the writing process. The internet is easily available for you to learn and your instructors are also free to consult and by doing these you can be sure to stay away from any accusations of plagiarism. At the same time, if you are afraid that you might have borrowed certain phrases or words from a particular source, do not worry.

There are plagiarisms checking software online that can be downloaded at one off price or used freely. All you have to do is copy what you have developed and paste on the software and the machine will scan through your document and highlight the sections that have similar words to the original paper. Follow these guidelines and build a successful career.