How to Use Plagiarism Checkers: Online and Offline by Students


We are living in a new era of internet and development, a time that our ancestors could only dream about. In as much as we enjoy the presence of the internet, a bigger concern of intellectual theft has risen. With access to any kind of information, one  just needs a connection to the internet and a computer, writers are now being found guilty of submitting other people’s works.

In the past, what people wrote it was a product of their thinking, one on one-pieces of research, own write-ups and literary works but this is not the case for those living in the era of technology.

Yes, writers spend a lot of time researching and building on other people’s ideas but it is also common that you will meet a simple copy pasted document or a chunk of words or paragraphs from another person’s work. This is theft of information. Stealing someone’s intellectual developing is considered an academic offense and the act is punishable by the law.

The main idea of having writer post and publish their works is for the public to appreciate them for sharing knowledge with other people and of course make money as a result of their creativity and not to have what they have done copied by another writer.

Instances where plagiarism occur

If you are protected by copyright law and have people use your work without proper acknowledgment, then that is already plagiarism. With information everywhere on the internet, some people are just lazy to even read and understand and have the idea in their own words and so they submit copied works intentionally either with thoughts that they could get away with it or test the consciousness of their audience.

Having taken your time, used a lot of effort to bring information to the public, it is upon you to take control, defend and have your work protected by the law. When your work is protected by copyright law and someone is found stealing your work, you can go through the proper steps and have them live with regret as to why they engage in theft. In this manner, members of the public will learn a lesson that plagiarism is not taken lightly and is a serious offense it is accompanied by severe consequences. If you find site owners stealing your work, all you have to do is press charges against them.

Tips: How to Use a Plagiarism Checkers: Free Advice to Students

It is very possible to detect plagiarism. You can use both online and Offline  plagiarism software checkers but how do you use a checker?. Before using software checkers, you can copy a section of a written work and paste it on your Google search engine and check if your work appears somewhere else.

Other anti-plagiarism software on the internet are free and you can make use of them anytime. Using search engines, you can be sure that Google will display any results with similar words from your work, all you have to do is be smart when checking for word to word developments. Checking for plagiarism manually may take a lot of time but the internet has made it easy for students and writers to even check their own written work before submitting them.

To get a software checker for plagiarism online could be in the form of purchase. All you have to is pay a few dollars in exchange of the anti-plagiarism device or system from the web and after payment, you can be sure to download your software.

Note: plagiarism checker is free. click here to use.

Many industries have also developed similar programs because of its high demand and the increasing awareness of what is happening in academic institutions presently. Once you have downloaded the software, you can be sure to check for plagiarism when offline and therefore you do not have to always stay connected to the internet.

These software’s are easy to use and once downloaded, you do not need money to maintain or update them. Another tip for checking plagiarism is adding specific lines to your work. This can be done by adding your own quote, phrase or sentence that blends with the rest of your paper’s content. In doing this, using commercial engines can be easier especially when you type the added phrase, the engine presents you with a list of people who could have possibly copied your work. You could have changed the title of your document or the format or the flow but with using a unique phrase plagiarists would not know that you have set a trap for those who think copying could be an easy way out.

Always remember that you have put in a lot of time and effort and sometimes money to write a paper and you should not let someone else get the credit on your behalf.

Have you written original work?

Protect it and guard yourself against intellectual theft because you have the power to defend and protect your right as the original owner of the document. In as much people can use your ideas, they are not permitted to take credit on your behalf when you are covered by the law.