Success of Plagiarism Through Advanced Information Technology

The many cases of intellectual theft

It is evident now that with the easy use and information access from the internet, cases of theft of information are becoming uncontrollable. A larger percentage of the public has put the blame on the trend in technology and fast advancement of technological tools which has made the world lazy. To be more particular about this concept, it is the technology that comes with the internet that has propelled the act of information theft because the internet is greatly used nowadays as the medium to gather information. The internet is not only sophistication but it is also very accessible to the public.

Centuries ago, cases of plagiarism could take place after people have read books and instructional materials and copy few instances from these sources but presently the widespread connection to the internet makes any kind of information available to the world. The internet has made it easy for people to get access to any information they need faster and quickly just by a click of a button. As a consequence, the world has greatly relied on the work of others found on the internet as opposed to using instructional materials and books from libraries.

Though, there is information that are secured and protected by copyright laws but information that one could copy and paste and submit it as his own is still largely available. Copying from a source and pasting it on your document is not the only case of plagiarism from the internet.

Another form of theft is modifying another person’s work, use the same paper structure and fail to give credit to the author. The internet has come to us as a great help especially to make the process of learning and access to materials easy but it is also possible that the internet is the main cause of problems in academic institutions at the mention of using other people’s ideas.

Plagiarism made easy through easy access of information.

The internet gives us a wide variety to information and this means that one can get numerous websites discussing one particular topic. This is the one factor that makes people depend on the internet because you do not take a lot of time to peruse through information in books found in libraries anymore. Other possible factors that make people depend wholly on the internet are easy accessibility, the rapidity of utilizing the web and the convenience that comes with the internet. Because the dependency to the internet is already on the increase it is expected that as the internet advances so will the effort to find information reduce.

Plagiarism is as a result of wishing to accomplish things faster and with less effort and that is why a larger percentage of the public report full reliance on the internet.

Changing words from another source that has been taken from the internet does not except one from becoming a suspect to theft. Changing words and maintaining ideas from original words needs proper citation and reference of the author. This method of avoiding plagiarism is very common and still relevant to having one build on another person’s idea properly. You can be sure to reference and cite original authors and still publish your work as original. Doing this could help cushion you against the dangerous consequences of intellectual theft.

Super facts regarding plagiarism.

It is expected that students compared to professional writers are more vulnerable to plagiarism because most of them are not aware of what constitutes intellectual theft and the consequences of the same. If we continue to permit learners to present the original published materials of others as their own, then we will be killing the spirit of innovation. At the same time, if we allow students submit other people’s written material then the habit might be very serious and grow to a level in which it cannot be tamed.

Reducing instances of theft could be difficult but there are sure ways that instructors and policy makers can use to make the habit of stealing ideas stop.

  • One sure way is take students through the concept and have them understand the dangers of being found with stolen information.
  • In addition to this, instructors can make sure that learners present their works in electronic copies to make it easy for them to pass them through plagiarism checkers to find determine the level of originality in a document.
  • Policy makers and owners of websites should have their informative sites secured either by imposing downloading fees to those who wish to download the document or require users to identify their whereabouts.
  • Another sure fact to have learners stay away from plagiarism is to show them how to cite, use direct quotes and paraphrase an original document but still give credit to the authors.
  • The benefits of submitting original documents should also be discussed to students in a manner to show them how they can be protected by the law when they come up with original documents.

In this manner, students will be motivated to submitted work that is as a result of their own effort as a motivation to have protection by the law and sue anyone who steals his development.