Causes of High Spread of Plagiarism: Concepts and Solutions

With High Spread of Plagiarism, it is evident that students do not understand plagiarism concept and solutions they can apply to avoid it. With the increase in intellectual cheating, universities need to take heed of plagiarism policies and look into how they might confuse or influence learners in counterproductive ways. Our ancestors have to be celebrated because the managed to successfully turn the leaf of time from the ages where a man could not think and was intellectually stagnant.

Even during this age, our ancestors still managed to build their search for knowledge and this is what current generations have inherited as a freedom to concur the world in search of knowledge. However, the development of internet could possibly destroy the strong foundations our ancestors built.

Presently, professional writers have lagged behind in developing compositions that would help them achieve a higher level of thinking. The inability to think of their own has led to plagiarism. Plagiarism is an instance where an author uses another person’s ideas and fails to acknowledge them.

This act can be the cause of man’s downfall because it signifies the level of man’s laziness and boredom. When a man is bored and lazy the world could be taken back to the dark ages. People plagiarize for many reasons. In as much as institutions have developed ways to deal with plagiarism, copying the ideas of others is a concept that has continued to grow and because people continue to present the works of others, the quality of knowledge is pulled down all over the world.

Concept: How plagiarism is considered

Plagiarism is defined as cheating. Institutions term it as an academic offense because when you steal other people’s information and submit it your own in an attempt to make your audience believe that what you have done is original then you are cheating.

It is not bad to use other people’s ideas but every time you use them, copyright law demands that you give credit to the original author of the source. When you plagiarize then you are not being honest and when honesty stops you cannot fail to get in contact with the law.

Factors that Cause High Spread Plagiarism

Search for fame is one of the causes why other authors would use the works of others and still be proud that the result is not plagiarized. In an academic institution, plagiarism occurs when students submit their assignments to their instructors. Not acknowledging the authors in which your ideas are borrowed from in pure plagiarism.

In addition to not giving credit to authors, typical copying of works submitted by another student during homework submission is also plagiarism. Any academic institution that tolerates plagiarism could be teaching its students that it is not a must you sweat to achieve greater things in life.

Plagiarism does not only happen in schools but also in work environments. At work, imitating somebody else’s strategy that is protected by copyright law is plagiarism. This kind of cheating is as a result of a person’s inability to engage his brain in the patient process of putting together ideas.

Stealing could also be used by the only way to deliver assignments without straining. The truth is, there is no shortcut to life and therefore one could be finding his way into problems by trying to have his work done easily.

Solutions to high spread of plagiarism

Having institutions and the law define consequences of plagiarism could have been the most effective way to reduce instances of the same. However, plagiarism is still evident in all these areas especially now that the world is living in an era of information age. There are many businesses that have contested because the ideas in both businesses seem to be alike. Students are