Plagiarism Free Article. How to Write The Right Way?

So many students and professional writers prefer to rewrite articles either by hand or using computers. In rewriting articles, one writes a sentence after another and paraphrases another author’s contents to make sure he comes up with quality writing. This could be the safest approach to writing a plagiarism free article but could also put you at risk of copying without knowledge. There are so many ways to define plagiarism.

Regardless of how one chooses to define it, at the end of the day, it still comes up to being one and the same thing because the context is usually the same. Whether it is a speech, a song, a movie, a conversation, an essay or every an expression of an idea, the main ground for plagiarism is usually using another person’s work and using it as your own.

There are also many ways in which one can avoid plagiarism but the most recommended way is to recognize the author of that particular information you have chosen to use. Doing this helps you to write a plagiarism free essay.

Other than crediting the author, to write a plagiarism free essay, every writer should be sure to use in-text citation because, in this way, you are showing that the words used in the essay are not your own but rather you are building on another person’s work. Not giving credit to the author of a particular document you choose to use automatically makes your work amount to plagiarism.

Some of the mistakes made when writing a plagiarism free article

While most writers focus on avoiding plagiarism, many mistakes are made in the process. Like it was mentioned at the beginning of this article, most people prefer to paraphrase a document in order to avoid plagiarism. Paraphrasing in one of the most common mistakes writers make because they might forget to provide an in-text citation for the paper. Whether you are paraphrasing or quoting from an author, it is very vital to incorporate in-text citations and a different section of bibliography at the end of the paper. Whatever appears inside the text must appear in the bibliography section.

Anytime you decide to use someone else’s work by paraphrasing, just make sure you put aside every word that might seem borrowed from the original composition. It is okay to bring out these ideas in your own words but it would be plagiarized at the end of the day if you fail to incorporate citations. Every time you use citations, you lessen your chances of being a victim of plagiarism. Been caught with plagiarism could make you face harsh penalties from the institution.

Therefore, every time you are writing an essay, remember to always put citations on every paragraph and when you use a direct quote from a source have it in your mind that it should be followed by an in-text citation. You should not assume that you can always come back and do the citation after you are done with writing because postponing can land you into the trouble you are trying to avoid.

How can one write an article successfully free from plagiarism?

Developing a plagiarized free paper is easy. One thing you always have to keep in mind is your work should be as original as possible. Reminding yourself of the authenticity of your work helps you stay keen on what you write and what you will present in the end. With this keenness, you can be sure that everything else will fall in place.

However, sticking to the idea that your work must be original can also be done by making sure you read more than one source, identify with your sources, take your time to go through your work, in case you paraphrase remember to cite, keep track of your sources and check whether what appears inside the text is manifested in the reference section. In addition to all these, please take as much time as possible when writing your paper.

Taking time on your paper makes you plan for it carefully and also give you the chance to edit and proofread your final writing so that you submit work that is properly done. Familiarizing with your sources and having them on track is equally important because you gain the ability to differentiate between that which is your own work and what is another person’s. familiarizing with sources also make you appreciate other people’s work in as much as you are using their ideas.

Having more than one source is necessary to avoid plagiarism because many sources give you an improved version of your topic and what other authors have done could differ.

It is not so difficult to avoid plagiarism if you follow these steps. The process becomes difficult when overlooking some of the processes mentioned above. After all these, you can also make sure you avoid plagiarism at all costs by passing your paper through an online plagiarism checker before submitting it to your instructor. Plagiarism checkers help you rectify, cite properly and detect direct sentences which you can easily and quickly correct before submission