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Plagiarism is an issue that is known not only to academic institutions but to new houses to song writers and to artists. In a bid to tame the issue of intellectual theft, an effective solution to the same has been identified from targeting its roots. Dealing with an issue from the roots always gives a long-lasting impact from a problem. Below are very helpful tips to help the public guard against issues of intellectual theft;

  • Identify yourself with the numerous ways plagiarism can occur
  • Familiarize yourself with the reasons people give for engaging in plagiarism
  • Formulate individual actions or refer to laws and school curriculum on the actions taken on individuals found to have plagiarized.

What is the motivation behind engaging in plagiarism?

Assignment tasks are difficult to compose and one way to overcome this difficulty is by copy-pasting what previous authors have done. With the advent of the internet, all one needs to get access to information is a smart phone or a computer and a connection to the internet. With these, one can find any information he wishes at the comfort of his bed. And because that particular data is readily available, students often carry the development as it is, paste it on their submission paper and without editing submit it. Other than being lazy, students also engage in plagiarism because they lack enough time to complete all school tasks that pile up and with close deadlines. In addition, there is also an instance where writers can engage in plagiarism without knowledge. Unconscious plagiarism occurs when one is unable to understand the difference between plagiarism and research. There are many more other circumstances that motivate students to engage in plagiarism. Even with the many conditions, writers should be wise to anticipate them and cut them from the roots. Having the roots of a plant cut before it grows is a very effective ideology a very easy choice for killing bad behavior.

Plagiarism on purpose

It is very common to find students submitting stolen work and are confident that they will get away with it. This kind of plagiarism could be linked to adventure. Submitting plagiarism work to instructors could also be a way of students to put the resourcefulness and intellectual capacity of instructors to test to see if they can identify which paper is copied and which one is original. Because students would also want to put their instructors to test, this strategy becomes an exciting one and students find it fun taking the risk

Research, think, write

Presently, there is so much information available on the internet and this channel is much more convenient for students instead of having to dig through files in the library to find research. What makes the process of internet search is that one article also contains information from other useful researches related to that particular topic. For example, when you search for a particular topic on the internet, you land on a site of an article with numerous authors talking about that same topic. Clicking on a particular author, you are presented with a whole page of people who have commented on the article, reviewed it, analyzed it and even those who have reacted to it. Such kind of assistance is more than just a little help and this enables students to acquire more ideas and generate original arguments.

Learners should be encouraged to use the web in searching for what they can use for their papers but it is of much importance to training students on how they can use other people’s thoughts to create their own arguments. Creating individual views makes a lot of sense. At the same time, it is different than the many different authors on a particular page have different ideas and presenting your own idea adds to your understanding about the issue.

We cannot avoid the fact that learners are conscious of what they develop and this is because of what they have read from existing professional developments. After reading many articles written by professionals and top-scoring students, learners tend to find their work to be poorly written because they compare to the other professional analysis. It is vital therefore to have instructors always remind students that their original ideas are much better than copied ideas. In this manner, we would be encouraging them to submit their thoughts however bad or unique they are. Life is a learning process that does not only need one to blink his eyes for seeing but needs so much time and effort to learn from what your eyes have seen. There could also be a chance that after students come up with their researchers, these compositions could be used as learning materials in analyzing the topic. In this manner, students will be encouraged to learn from each other and build original ideas in the future.

Plagiarism and grading

When it comes to grading, education was on the verge of losing its meaning because many students view grades as a way to a means to an end. This means that learners think it is the final grade that places them at a position where they earn a six-digit salary or even more as a way to escape poverty or life pressures. Instead of having learners focus on grades, it is best to have them pay attention to how an object is attained.