From previous discussions, one can tell that plagiarism is not a new phenomenon. The term is not new because a couple of stories from professional writers and students have reignited the concerns of the same showing that students and writers are engaging in information theft each day and the trend is on the rise especially now that we are in the era of computer technology. Most learning institutions believe that plagiarism among students has increased in the present decade and college presidents agree that the internet is to blame for the rising trend in information theft. In so many other different studies, researchers have believed that the internet offers too much information and this is what has led to essay online plagiarism. But to say that the internet is the sole creator of plagiarism, we would be looking at a smaller percentage of the causes of plagiarism. There is no doubt that students find in depth information online and can copy it however they want but another cause of plagiarism arises when one fails to paraphrase the information, assess all references and cite authors correctly. This article is a continuation of the ways in which plagiarism can be combated.

  1. Paraphrase correctly. One effective way in which you can communicate the ideas of other in your research paper is by paraphrasing. In simple terms, paraphrasing is the modification of sentences, words and phrases by another person into your own words after complete understanding. When paraphrasing, one should remember that the sentence structure should be altered but the main idea of the author retained. At the same time, when you rewrite in your own words, you are not allowed to own the concept because the wordings are yours. Proper citation and acknowledgement of the author is still needed so that you do not get caught with issues of plagiarism. In paraphrasing, one rewrites another person’s idea in a way to avoid using direct quotes from the original author but for a larger percentage of students rewriting is used to hide the fact that they have incorporated another person’s idea into their own. Students find it stigmatizing to have other people know that they have used the ideas of others to support their own.

What such students do not know is that it would be very helpful to openly admit to using another person’s idea to form a strong argument because attributing that these ideas are not yours is one way to stay away from allegations of plagiarism. Using the work of others to form a strong argument is also a way to tell your readers that you can develop your own view and an argument that stands out from the crowd. Paraphrasing and attributing your work to the real author also makes your readers more convinced that the views and points you have developed are professional because you have relied on experts. Rewriting another person’s words as submitting it as you developed is bad especially when you cite your sources correctly and have the authors of these sources mentioned. At the same time, rewritten statements are significant to have your final development more clear and coherent.

  1. Assess all references. The internet has been blamed as the leading cause to having students submit plagiarized work but the same internet in conjunction with information technology and other internet advances have found the web to be a correction of the same. On the internet, there is data that is reliable and that which is not credible. It is very important to find out the sites that can help you know which sources are credible and those that are not. Websites can be found from a simple Google search and you can use the same websites to consult and refer to sources. There is also a universal suggestion that in order to know which sources can be used, the internet is a helpful source and from a copy pasted search, you can get accurate and updated information regarding a particular source. With doing this, you can be sure to avoid dealing with issues of plagiarism that result from the use of non reliable sources.
  2. Cite authors accurately. In the middle of your research, you have to incorporate what is known as in text citations where you give a summary of the author and the year of publication followed by the page number is which the data is gathered from. Other than citing inside your text, a proper section of bibliography must be composed to make sure the authors are cited correctly coupled with the title for their development. When do this accurately, you avoid confusing your readers. Among all concepts of avoiding plagiarism, it is very vital that you do not mix ideas of authors and find it hard to show your audience which author discussed what. The bibliography section helps your audience to click on a link that would directly lead them to that particular source. Make sure when you cite the authors to your source, your audience does not remain puzzled. Crediting authors is a very vital step in staying away from plagiarism allegations. It is one thing to cite your sources correctly and it is another thing to cite and have your readers confused. Make sure citation is done properly.