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  1. I have an English Language and Literature MA with experience in writing academic essays. My most recent projects include, but are not limited to, argumentative essays, research papers, and literary analysis. Additionally, I proofread a variety of reviews for other authors by composing summaries/analyses on already finished works (which is something that you might find interesting as well). I’m very excited about continuing my work at the same time, always striving to improve myself through continual learning from others’ experiences, so please feel free to reach out if there’s anything at all I can help you with 🙂
  2. Hi! I am a professional English Language and Literature writer with experience in writing essays of all types. From argumentative pieces to research papers to literary analyses, I’ve got the credentials you’re looking for, and my skills will help get your essay over that final hurdle before submission. Reviewing already-finished works is a skill set unto itself: from summarizing them in one sentence or paragraphed summary up through providing detailed critiques on what was done well (and not so well) as far as content goes; additionally, proofreading services are available if editing isn’t enough – just let me know how much time you need when ordering!
  3. Hi! I am a creative writer and essayist. My experience ranges from writing for the academic world to reviewing books with my own opinion on them in order to help others find their next great read. I have written many essays, including argumentative ones, research papers, literary analysis pieces – you name it! No matter what kind of paper or article you need me for (within reason!), just give me an idea of your needs so we can discuss how best to get started together today 🙂
  4.  My name is—— I’m an English graduate looking to expand my skills. In the past, I’ve written a lot of academic papers and literary analyses, as well as proofreading reviews and summaries for other people’s work. Let me know if you’re interested in hiring someone like me or have any questions about what kind of writing experience I can offer you!
  5.  Hi! I am an English writer with an entrepreneurial spirit. From my many years of experience. Both as a graduate student and in my current employment position. I have gained enough confidence to tackle any writing project that comes my way. That’s why it is no surprise when people tell me they need help finishing their essays or reports for school – because all too often, this means increased work hours at whatever job you hold already. But don’t worry about giving up your time; let me handle your tasks so you can focus on what really counts: getting good grades/rising up within your organization while still doing something productive outside of class/work-related projects during office hours using only original content created by professionals who know how to write well.
  6.  I am a creative and engaging writer! I have delivered many academic essays, including; argumentative essays, literary analysis, and research papers, and My skillset also includes proofreading and writing reviews on already finished works. If you need someone who is both knowledgeable about English Language Lit as well as proficient in the art of editing/writing an essay or paper, then please contact me right away!
  7.  I am not an English major Literature writer, and I have never written any academic essays before, but you can trust me to make your work the best it could possibly be. My experience in writing has been as a reviewer for books that other authors have already finished. This is how I started my writing career of being educated from home; reading stories about others’ lives was all too easy with this job!
  8.  As a Master of Arts English Language and Literature major, I am skilled at intertwining creative and technical aspects in every one of my pieces. I take great pride in the ability to create well-written compositions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also full of thought-provoking content for readers.
  9.  I’m an English Language and Literature paper writer who believes in the interlinking of creative and technical aspects. For example, my thesis statement might be “The use of a comma changes meaning.”
  10.  I have been an English Language and Literature paper writer for many years. My rich background in both creative writing, as well as technical skills has helped me to provide the best possible content that will not only interest me but also meet your requirements of any higher-education level standards. There is no one I would rather work with than you, so contact me today!
  11. My degrees in English language and literature are what make my papers stand out from other writers’ works; it’s a rare combination these days! You’ll find my essays discussing everything from Shakespearean drama to postmodern theory because this field interests me deeply – there isn’t much I don’t know about literary analysis or criticism!
  12. I am both a creative and technical writer, which is what makes my writing so unique. I always carry out research on the topic before starting to write anything down, but then also let myself be open to new ideas as they come up while working through an idea or sentence.
  13. I’m an English Language and Literature paper writer with a unique style of writing. I combine creative aspects like wordplay into my compositions as well as technical skills such as grammar usage.
  14. I love the English Language and Literature, but I’m also a writer. My writing is both creative and technical, which makes it unique. Before starting to write anything down, I always do research on my topic so that what I create has authenticity; however, when working through an idea or sentence, new ideas come up in order for me to be open-minded about how this piece will turn. Out!
  15. I am an English Language and Literature essay writer, but I’m also a creative technical writer, so my writing is unique. Before starting to write anything down, I always do research on the topic at hand or work through an idea by letting new ideas come up while working with it.
  16. I enjoy my work as a creative and technical writer. I always do research on the topic before starting to write anything down, but then also let myself be open to new ideas that come up while working through an idea or sentence.
  17. As a creative and technical writer, I am confident in my ability to make your paper sound amazing.
  18. I have a love for words and writing. I approach each piece of work with the same passion, whether it is an essay or blog post. My greatest satisfaction comes from being able to say that- my best has been given in everything that I do because when you give your all, then there’s nothing left on the table at any moment.
  19. In the English Language and Literature essay writing field, I am an expert. My knowledge of both technical skills as well as creative techniques allows me to create unique compositions tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for a persuasive article or analytical research paper on any topic imaginable in this subject area, my extensive experience will be put into action immediately!
  20. I have always had a prideful passion for being able not just speak but also write creatively about topics that interest me passionately while still using strong grammar and punctuation rules so it is easy enough to follow along with what I’m saying without getting lost in rhetorical twists and turns all throughout the piece which would only serve more confusion than clarification because readers lack context information like who’s speaking when they’re reading dialogue.
  21. Being an essay writer, I am both a creative and technical writer. My writing is always unique because of this combination; first researching the topic before starting to write anything down but then also being open for new ideas as they come up while working through an idea or sentence.
  22. Being an English Language and Literature essay writer, I am both a creative and technical writer. My intricate attention to detail sets my writing apart in the industry. Before starting any project, I do extensive research on the topic at hand so that each word is indicative of accuracy as well as creativity; however, while working through ideas or sentences during drafting or editing phases, new ideas often come up, which allow me room for playfulness but still within boundaries set by actuality*.
  23. I’m an English Language and Literature writer who’s always striving to put out quality work at all times. I’ll never plagiarize anything – every word is original, just for you! I don’t stop working until my clients are satisfied with the final product too.
  24. . Welcome to my profile! I am an English Language and Literature writer ready to uphold writing professionalism at all times. By ensuring my work is original and free of plagiarism. Client satisfaction has been the key priority in everything that I do for a living, from copywriting, blogging, editing other people’s content, or writing articles entirely on your behalf. Whether it be academic essays about Shakespeare plays or creative assignments like poems, you can count on me as one who will get the job done right with any deadline without compromising quality whatsoever.
  25. I’m Anna – professional Writer specializing in Editing & Writing services since 2013 ____________________________________ “It doesn’t matter whether you think results are going well; they’re not.”- John Maxwell what sets me apart? Well aside from being educated
  26. I’m a freelance Literature writer and editor with experience in creative writing for various clients. I’ve also edited many books that have been published internationally across multiple genres, including fiction, non-fiction, academic texts from college textbooks to dissertations, as well as editing scholarly journals such as the Journal of American Culture Studies by SAGE Publications. My commitment is always to produce high-quality work free of plagiarism while providing thoughtful advice on how best your manuscript can be developed into an engaging text or article you are proud to share with readers!
  27. I am a writer with an eye for detail and creativity. I don’t just write but also edit your work to make it sound perfect. My client’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance – so you can rest assured that my writing will be 100% original and free from plagiarism!
  28. I’m an English Language and Literature writer with a degree in creative writing who is not afraid to take the reins. I write original content free of plagiarism; my client satisfaction rates are through the roof!
  29. I am an English Language and Literature writer who is committed to professionalism, originality, and client satisfaction. I guarantee that your work will be plagiarism-free so that you can give a 100% confident rating on my profile page for these criteria.
  30. I’m a writer who is passionate about English Language and Literature. I am dedicated to writing original papers that will meet your expectations while also upholding professionalism at all times!