should stay-at-home moms get a salary from the government?

Getting pad for what a person does is significant as it allows a person to control his or her life. Well, if we allow the government to pay us for what we are doing, then we are turning out the overall subject to becoming the government employer. This case is similar to stay at home moms where by the government is still struggling with the notion of paying stay at home moms.

This can be argued in different aspects on the reason as to why stay at home moms should be paid. In fact, if we focus on the amount of work they have at home, caring the young children and taking care of the house hold works then, stay at home moms should be paid. But the pay should not exceed the year limits of the children going to school. After the children have involved with the schools the moms can generate other means of gaining income.

What we need to understand here is that the government is concerned on the welfare of the stay at home moms, but it is significant for the moms to consider the aspect of indulging in workforce since the economy is not that good. There are other approaches that can be obtained in order for stay at home moms can indulge into the workforce and at the same time the children are taken care of. Day care initiatives for children can assist the stay at home moms in taking care of their children

What is the need of the government to fund stay at home moms when the finances can be used in other economic gains. Remember that paying stay at home moms is like encouraging the moms to be lazy. But if the government provides significant initiatives for the stay at home moms in order to indulge in the work force is significant towards enhancing the economic significance but not straining the economy.

What happens when the government decides to pay stay at home moms? A large number of moms would automatically gain the advantage. There are different people in America who earn less, and instead of motivating laziness in stay at home mom, it would be effective to motivate the groups earning little money. A good question to ask and address the whole issue is where do those funds come from when the world is facing such a challenging economic growth? Does it mean that America has all the funds and its economy is stabilized?

Therefore, it is imperative to motivate the stay at home moms and assert on them to work despite of the consequence instead of paying them to their non-contribution activities towards economic growth. The government should not allow waste funds to stay at home moms in fact; it should look on other approaches of assisting the moms in getting into the workforce despite of their responsibilities in children.