Citing Periodicals at Works Cited – MLA Style Citation Guide 8th Edition


Citing Periodicals at Works Cited

To be precise Periodicals are; Magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals. While citing periodicals in MLA one is required to consider the main elements that are the author of the article, the title of the article, information about the magazine, newspaper, or journal. The MLA style use the term “container” to refer to any print or digital venue like a website.

The following format represents how all citations should be.

Author.Title.Title of container, (self-contained if book), other contributors (translators or editors), version (edition), Number (vol. and no.), Publisher, Publisher Date, Location (pp.).2nd container’s title, other contributors, Version, Number, Publisher, Publisher date, Location.

Article in a Magazine

Start off by entering the article’s author, then the title in quotation marks, followed by italicizing the periodical title. The sequence is then followed by the date of publication and in this case abbreviate the month. An example goes as follows:

Author9s). “Title of Article.”Title of Periodical, Day Month Year, Pages.

Brubaker, James. “Doping Among Athletes.”Sports Review, 17 Oct. 2001, pp. 56-59.

Kruger, Paul. “How to Bake a Cake.”Food Affairs, Jan. 2010, pp. 23-25.

Articles in a Newspaper

A newspaper adapts the same format of citation as that of a magazine, but the only different appears on the pagination part. Remember because a paper can have different edition on the same date then it is recommended to identify the edition after the newspaper title.

Buchman, Dana. “How the HealthCare Program has Benefitted Americans.” Washington Post, 2 Jul. 2010, p. LZ01.

Mohammed, Issa. “ How to be a better Muslim.” New York Times, 22 May 2007, late ed., p. A1.

In other occasions where the newspaper is not popular or it is locally published, then one is required to add the city in brackets after the title.

Behre, Robert. “Chances of the Democrats in the Coming Elections.” The Buzz [ New York], 14 Aug. 2010, p. A11.

Trembacki, Paul. “ Causes of Mental Disorders.” Psychiatrist Mirror [Boston}, 2 Nov. 2001, p.17.

Article Review

When citing a review one should write the title of the review (if provided), followed by the phrase, “Review of” and then illustrate the title of the work (italicized if it is from a book, play, and film; and in quotations if from articles, poems or short stories). Finalize by providing the performance and publication information.

Note: Citing a review is different from writing a review. Citing a review example.

Review Author. “Title of Review (if provided).”Review of Performance Title, by Author/Director/Artist.Title of Periodical, Day, Month Year, page.

Villa, David Marti. “how to Protect Teenagers Against Illicit Cyber Cites.” Parents Review, directed by Gary Burns and John Legend.New York Times, 4 May 2010, p. E1.

Warner, Roberts. Review of Best ways to Improve Cardiovascular Endurance: Human Physiology, edited by Rose Weiller. Choice, 5 Feb. 2006, p. 125.

An Editorial & Letter to the Editor

It is also cited as any article would be cited but one has to include the designators “Editorial” or “Letter” to clarify the type of work it is.

“Choices about what to Dine.”Editorial.American Dishes, eastern edition, 25 Jul. 2004, p. A14.

Ransom. John. Letter.American Journalism Review, Dec. 2008, p. 4.

Anonymous Articles

Start with citing the title of the article, and then continue the other parts as you would prepare any other periodical.

“Business: Effects of Globalization on US Economy.” The Business Weekly, 25 Jun 2010, p, 78.

“Marriage; How Men Play a Crucial Role in Raising a Child.” Women Talk, 17 Mar. 1998, p. 17.

An Article in a Scholarly Journal

It advisable for one to consider a scholarly journal as a container, or collections of short stories or poems, television series, or a website. A container can be described as an entry that is part of a large body of works. For this apparent reason then one is recommended to cite the author and the title of articles as you would normally. Put the title of the journal in italics and include the volume number (“Vol.”) and issue number (“no.”) wherever needed, separated by commas. At the end add the year and page numbers.

Author(s).“Title of Article. ”Title of Journal, Volume, Issue, Year, pages.

Yates, Rose. “Causes of Epilepsy: How to Control Epilepsy.” Medical Center, vol.12, no. 1, 1995, pp. 78-85.

Davin, John. “ Approaching Life at Forty: Handling Diabetes in Middle Age.” Medical Center, vol.10, no. 4, 2001, pp. 117-25.

An Article in a Special Issue of a Scholarly Journal

In case an article is included in a special issue of a journal then one is required to cite the name of the special issue in the entry’s title space, appearing in italics. Always add the descriptor “special issue of” then include the name of the journal in italics and end up entering the rest the information as it appears for the standard journal citation.

Website citation has the same format and should include URLs, DOIs, and permalink,

Marti, Mathew. “How one Handles the Process of Fermentation While Brewing Beer.” Liquor Updates, special issue of Industrial Review, vol. 2, no. 1, 1999, pp.16-24.

Hirtch,Zvi. “ Contemporary Issues to Consider when Siting a Septic Tank.” Environmental Watchdog, special issue of The Modern Society, vol. 7, no. 4, 2003, pp. 76-89. Project Muse, doi:12,1785/mfs.2003.0056.