MLA Research Paper Format: Complete MLA Style Guide


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MLA which is full for : (Modern Language Association)research paper format has been used to write and cite papers on humanities, arts, and sciences. The best part about this paper format is that it protects the student from being charged with plagiarism.

There is a guideline to use the MLA research paper format and it includes the following tips;

  1. It is important to use an A4 size paper when writing your document and use a font that the reader can easily distinguish italics and bolds from the normal font.
  2. The default of each margin should 1’’ and double spacing to be used. According to the MLA research paper format the tab key should be used in order to indent the first line of the paragraph and use of italics to emphasize on important notes.
  3. A header should be created with the page numbers in every page and footnotes to be presented in a different page before the works cited.
  4. A title page should not be added unless one is instructed to do so.
  5. Using the MLA research paper format, the first page should include;
  • The writers’ name
  • The instructors,
  • The course and,
  • The date of submission.

All these are to be on the upper left side of the page. Another important note is that standard capitalization should be used and the title should not be formatted.

Quotations to be made in italics in case of referring other works outside the work cited. MLA research paper format requires that for headings made within sections in the paper, should be listed with Arabic numbers.

For the sub-headings, it can either be formatted or number but it is important to ensure that the same format is maintained throughout the research paper.

In the MLA research paper format, it demands parenthetical citations whereby after a quotation you refer the relevant source from which it came from.

In MLA, citation of the author’s name followed by the page number of the source is specified at the end of a quotation or phrase.

The complete reference is always available at the last page which includes the works cited.

When citing work done by multiple authors the student should list their last names within the text or quotation or at the end of the phrase.

If work is cited from the web then the main URL should be put within the text, then the main link will be written in full in the works cited page.

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