There are several writing styles that are used when writing academic documents. Each of the style is unique to the others as they posses’different guidelines. One of them is the MLA which in full stands for the Modern Language Association. This is style is among the common ones used by many students throughout college. The MLA college paper format meets the laid down standard layout guidelines as set forth by the modern language association. This style is used mostly in some disciplines such as humanities, and literature.

General formatting guidelines

This are the basic steps the students should have at their finger tips whenever they decide to use the MLA format writing style for writing an MLA college paper. The default font to be used is the times new roman capped at size 12. The margins of the paper should be set at 1- inch on either side. The first lines of each paragraph should be indented at exactly one and a half inch from the edge of the left margin. When doing the indent lines you should ensure to use the tab key always.Double space your work at 2.0 spacing. Finally, ensure you use present tense when introducing cited or quoted materials

Page numbers and titles

On the first page of your college paper at the upper left corner type the following details respectively in order with each detail coming below the other. Start with your name, the name of your professor, name of the course and finally the date.

In the upper right corner of the paper insert the page numbers. Ensure that your last name is on the left side of the page numbers, example (Jones-67).

Below the date write the title of your college paper assignment and then center it.

Ensure to always use italics whenever you want to emphasize a particular point or when referencing an important point.

If you are going to talk about various things ensure to divide each point into sections example Section 1.

Citations and Bibliographies

In MLA style, referencing works by other authors in your text is done by using what is commonly referred to as the parenthetical citation. It involves placing relevant sources of information in parentheses after a paraphrase or a quote.

For the in text citationformat when writing your MLA college paper is generally simple. Only the writer’s first name and the page number are quote. For example; (Wordsmith 267), (Julia& Annabel 56) and (Peterson et,al).

For the referencing at the end of your work the following should be followed;

Books – author’s last name, first name. Book title. City of publication: publishing company. Publication date.

Encyclopedia & dictionary – Author’s last name. First name. “Title of article”. Title of encyclopedia. Date.

Magazine & newspaper articles– author’s last time, first name. “Article title.” Periodical title volume. Date:  inclusive pages.

There are a host of other formats used to cite and reference works done by others including from the website, journals, periodicals, blogs both online and on print.

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