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Jewish American Literature Assignment Help

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Jewish American Literature Assignment Help

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About Jewish American Literature

Jewish American Literature holds an important place in the literary history of America and the United States. The field covers various historical concepts related to Jewish migration, the immigrant’s and the refugee’s struggles, and the cultural hurdles the immigrants experienced. Learners need to know that Jewish American Literature comprises traditional English writings and other languages such as Yiddish. Jewish American literature began with the memoirs and petitions developed by Sephardic migrants who came to America in the 17th century.

Since the 17th C, Jewish American Literature expanded during the following centuries wielding other genres such as poetry, drama, and fiction. The students taking this course also get exposed to great authors like Emma Lazarus, the poet for “The New Colossus,” and Gertrude Stein considered the prominent prose writer of the 20th century. The field of study will also present students to the early 20th century, which gave birth to great Jewish novelists like Abraham Cahan and  Henry Roth. They wrote the following novels: “The Rise of David Levinsky and Call it Sleep.” Students will also explore authors like Saul Bellow, Salinger, Potok, Philip Roth, Malamud, and Mailer, who wrote “Jewish American Novels.” The literary works these writers engaged addressed the varying pulls between secular community and Jewish norms, which significantly affected the immigrants including their children and grandchildren who came through Ellis Island.

The field also explores recent writers like Auster and Safran, who studied the dilemma of status in their literary works concentrating on the Holocaust, assimilation, and cultural findings displayed by the younger generations comprising the American Jews. The students will also interact with Malamud’s narratives and novels, where reality and fantasy have often been connected to parables, myths, and analogies emphasizing the significance of moral responsibilities.

The  Services We  Provide for Jewish America  Literature Assignments

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