Writing a research paper requires you to have a sober mind and to bale to read through a lot of books to come up with the correct facts and evidences. Many studentsdread this type of academic writing as it requires a lot of work and time. Collecting the data, analyzing it and drawing up conclusions are one hell of a work for many students at the tertiary level especially those undertaking masters and PhD degrees. But writing a research paper should not be that hard if you will follow this pattern. Once you have a substantive amount of data and information, the four crucial parts of writing are style, revision, documentationand organization.


When writing a research paper, always strive for a clear and well organized format of presenting your theories, facts and analysis. The mainstay of proper writing is the simple declarative sentence. By all means avoid complex structures and very hard to understand sentences. Also avoid completely using the royal “we” when you are referring to yourself or in singular form.


A standard research paper should comprise of the following section: first, an introduction section which clearly states the sole purpose of the research work being undertaken; last, a conclusion section that describes effectively what has been arrived at and the writer’s views in regards to the same. In between these two sections several different section will come in. this includes; backgroundinformation, analysis, methodology, literature review and other relevant materials.


This is another crucial aspect that you should look out for when writing your research paper. It is very important as it will help distinguish or set a part between your work and that of other people.All direct quotes must be enclosed within quotation marks at all times and properly linked to the author. Paraphrasing must be identified and properly attributed to the author who first coined it. Failure to perform this will be tantamount to plagiarism.

Mechanics of writing

The research work should be typed on an A4 paper with margins capped at 1inch on all sides. The sentences should be doubled space and written with the time new roman fonts that is capped at size 12. The first page is the title page and should contain information such as; your name, school, course, date of submission and the title of the research. Table, graphs and charts should be put in separate pages. The page n umbers should be put appropriately at all times. After the work is finished you should proofread your work to check for grammatical and spelling errors.


This is the most crucial part. Once you have written your draft now you need o start from the beginning and read through with a very critical eye. With this, you will be able to see which parts to remove and which parts to add. This will give your research work a coherent flow.

With the above tips you are now better place to write your research paper.