Are we safer since the creation of this department?

The American federal government developed the homeland security after the attacks of 9/11 in September 2001 and effectively tasked the department’s icon preventing terrorism activities in the future. In America security has undergone a lot of changes after the 9/11 attacks. In the airports concerts and border crossings security is effectively enhanced. President George Bush defined the homeland security has an effective alternative of enhancing security in US. But is the creation of homeland security in US enhancing security. Different people oppose and support the idea of home land security as either ineffective as result of the department making the terrorism initiatives probable and on the other hand, the supporters assert that the act of terrorism has not been initiated in the country after the September 2001 9/11.

According to National Security and Counter terrorism director Banks William states that enforcement laws officials of September 9/11 has enhanced to the investigation of terrorism without restrictions and legal holdups and had enhanced to high security measures in US. This is as a result Of the American Patriot Act that was signed by the former President George Bush and further extended Barrack Obama. As the moment, the homeland security provides rights to the FBI to enhance security freely without any inquisition of the court order. This means that the Patriot Act has effectively enhanced to the significance of the homeland security by reducing restrictions on enforcement law abilities to enhance effective searches on private data such as financial records, phone records and emails.

The development of the expensive and massive homeland security that are seen in different states in America resulted to expansive

Homeland security includes the application of Suspicious Activity Reports which describe the potentiality of a significant behavior linked to terrorists or criminal technology. Therefore, the homeland security that has been enhanced in different States is significant in enhancing the security measures in US. Since its creation US has encountered a lot of changes in security measures and as result terrorists attacks have not been probable as a result of the homeland security.