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Advantages of EssayMojo Citation Generator

Instead of wasting your time manually entering publications, authors, and titles, our platform offers you an online citation tool that will automatically cite everything for you!

Formatted entries from the citation generator can be copied and pasted. Furthermore, the bibliography page can directly downloaded to your computer and added to the paper.

Necessary changes in your references can be conducted manually by clicking on edit at EssayMojo, after which you can save them again.

Why Citing is Essential

Avoid plagiarism

The primary reason why we offer a citation generator is to get rid of plagiarism. Violating copyright is a grave act, and citation every paraphrased material or quotation ensures you avoid it.

Give Credit

References are needed because they are a way of giving credit to scholars and their works. It is massively important because some scholars may be your colleagues in future.

Credible Research

The research done by an author and their knowledge of the text is represented by a bibliography. It ensures that the credibility and connection of the sources to the written text is appropriate.

Professional Look

A paper looks organized and professional when accurate citations are provided. It is a fundamental skill that is required at university level and hugely appreciated by employers.

An Explanation of the Most Common Styles Used by Our Citation Generator

EssayMojo online citation generator has diverse citation styles that an individual can work with.

The most common ones include,

This style is commonly used in engineering, social sciences, education, etc. It contains a “References” list at the end of the paper and parenthetical in-text citations to link sources.

This style is commonly used in humanities, which include, language, musicEnglish, Linguistics, philosophy, art, history etc. It has a “Works Cited” list at the end of the paper and uses parenthetical to create in text citation to link sources.

This academic style is popular in the social sciences and medical fields. It is based on Arabic numerals ( i, ii, iii, etc.) that are denoted as superscripts. As a result, it makes the connection of reference list and in-text citation close because the first mentioned source in the text is also the first in the final list.

This academic style is among the most famous used by students. If a student follows it general rules, it allows them to italicize their work.

This style provided in our platform is particularly used in the discipline of Political Science. No differences are present when citing your books whether it is a published or online material because all that is needed is the combination of the date and author’s name.

This style is mainly used in writing humanities, history, as well as social sciences. It is special because it utilizes footnotes and endnotes to link text to sources.

This style presented by our citation machine is primarily used in HistoryArts, and Literature. It is slightly different from Chicago because it utilizes numbered footnotes after each quoted source. Thus, it makes bibliography entries appropriate because it adds flexibility, clarity, and identification.

This is a special style that is uniquely developed to work with formats that are extremely complicated, and it is primarily used in Engineering. The most unique thing that this style possesses is the use of brackets with appropriate numbering.

This style is extensively unique than other styles because it was formulated by zoologist. It is mainly used in Humanities and Social Sciences, and it is different among universities, specifically its punctuation.

This style is utilized in numerous disciplines, but it is mainly used in Life Sciences and Medicine. It is categorized into two types, which are name-year and citation sequence. The feature that makes this citation style unique is the placement of numbers after mention facts and not after names of authors.

Frequently Asked Questions

[Can a paper be submitted without in-text citations

A student cannot submit a paper without in-text citation because sources listed on the reference page should be cited at least once in the text. Failure to do that will mean that the source was not used, and your instructor will not regard it as a source, resulting to lower grades.

Should I cite in case I paraphrase from the source?

Paraphrasing is usually regarded as plagiarism because you take credit for another individual’s ideas and thoughts. It is why our bibliography maker allows you to cite all information or figures derived from outside sources.

Can I cite sources in different styles in one paper?

It is advisable to stick to one selected format when writing your paper. It will make your work appear extensively professional and organized. It is why at EssayMojo we offer you with diverse citation styles that you can choose from.

Why is fake referencing bad?

Citing illegitimate sources is also regarded as a form of plagiarism. Instructors are obliged to ensure that every source cited is legitimate because fake sources relegate the credibility and academic value of your paper.