Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about our writing services.

Yes, essay writing services are worth it regardless of the one you’re seeking to hire a writer for. Employing an essay writing service gives you many benefits and makes it worth more than going through the stress of writing your essay yourself. Outsourcing your essay writing gives you benefits that include:

  • Giving you time for other activities
  • Reducing your workload
  • Better essay quality
  • Timely delivery

Yes, writing services are legal. They provide solutions to a problem faced by many students and professionals in different fields and disciplines. They are breaking no law by helping students and offering paper writing services. However, there’s a gray area concerning plagiarism that can lead students who patronize essay writers who don’t consider this issue. A good essay writer online knows how to avoid plagiarism as it is bad for business, and can cause him or her to be on the wrong side of the law

Yes, a professor can tell if someone else wrote your paper, but that depends on some factors. A professor that observes and notes that someone else wrote your paper must have an expectation that’s not met or exceeded. Coupled with the professor’s familiarity with the student, they can know if someone else wrote the student’s paper.

Factors that’ll make your professor deduce that someone else wrote your paper include:

  • Familiarity with the quality of your academic work
  • Depth of research and essay coverage
  • Similar writing style with your course mates.

However, you can avoid being detected by your professor by giving the writer samples of your writing, so they can replicate your writing style. You can also give them your professor’s expectations so they don’t exceed what your education level should cover.

Many people use essay writing services, and their superiors and professors know about it. Although some professors frown against hiring an essay writing service provider to do papers they’ve assigned to their students, some professors use these same services to write their thesis.

There’s a chance you can get caught using essay writing services, but that’s if your professor is particular about doing your assignments and papers yourself. However, that doesn’t reduce the benefits you can get from using a reliable essay writing service.

On the other hand, you can’t get caught using an essay writing service if you do your due diligence. After getting your service delivered, read through the references and digest the details of its content. You’ll be on the same page as the writer, and you’ll be able to answer questions your professor may pose.

First off, writing someone else’s paper isn’t a new thing and no one has gotten in trouble for doing so, even if they’re paid, as long as they do it right. Essay writing service providers are mostly safe from any form of trouble in helping a customer complete their essay writing. However, there’s always the issue of plagiarism, and good essay writers check their work for this, else it affects their business negatively, especially with college essays.

An essay writing service outfit strives to avoid plagiarism as it can come back to bite it. However, some of these service providers have terms and conditions that protect them from any judicial issues and the project owner bears all the consequences of plagiarized work.

Yes, paying for essay work. It works best when you understand your essay needs, relay them to a reliable essay writer that also understands them, and get them at a stipulated time. You have more time to do other academic work or side hustle.

The argument about paying for essay work will arise when you hire an essay writer online and they fail to deliver your essay specifications or fail to deliver at all. For your essay outsourcing to work, you need to do your due diligence by:

  • Ascertaining the reliability of the writer or service provider.
  • Ensure that the writer understands your essay specifications.
  • Allow for a reasonable working and delivery time.


Finding someone to write your essay is easy; however, finding a quality and reliable essay writer isn’t as easy. You can easily find essay writers on the many freelancing platforms that are available. However, you can also find them on dedicated websites.

A simple search on any search engine will give you numerous results that you can filter and choose the best one for you. You can also ask around in online forums for reliable essay writing services that fellow forum members have used. That way, you’re sure they’ve worked for others, and they have customers to testify to their quality.

Essays are usually priced per or per word. A 500-word essay will take a page, and that usually costs an average of $12. If it’s a technical paper, it may cost up to $35. However, there are cheaper essay writing services online.

You’ll get a 5000-word essay for about $120. If it’s a technical paper, it’ll cost about $350. Although you may get a discount with orders that are up to 5000 words.

Note that this is an average price for an essay writing service. You’ll find cheaper and costlier service providers online.