In Nongqawuse prophesy was made by a teenager; if the tribe destroyed their crops and killed their cattle, British would be swept out of existence. The tribe killed all the cattle and destroyed the plants and they all starved. In the current world, if we destroyed the entire Infrastructure dealing with fossil the economy will be affected.

In order to answer the question of whether wind energy is cheap, effective and practical, first we need to answer this question, what will alternate wind when it doesn’t blow.

The notion on Renewable power has become a challenge in United States. Well wind powers and solar powers function effectively when the wind is blowing, and the sun rays effectively enhance to functioning of the solar power. What will happen when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun rays not enough?

Electricity in America is paid twice through the electricity bill and the taxes with massive subsides. Costs estimated illustrate that the massive subsides in the tax payments result from power generated from wind, hence wind energy is expensive. Therefore, if Government realized the expenses enhanced by wind energy then obviously, would not support the notion of utilizing wind energy.

Crony capitalists, environmental romantics, researchers from energy industries have clearly stated that Wind energy is costly and costs approximately 10 times as compared to the current reliable power. Former president George W. Bush strategically set a goal with approximately 25% of America electricity to be retrieved from wind energy, and now the Obama administration still supports the idea on wind energy significance in the future and hence, the question remains what if there is lack of wind.

Is wind energy really practical? In the last few decades the American federal state has benefited from billions of dollars from the tax payer with the notion of subsidized wind energy and what they can show is that, 1. 6 % of the states in US supplied with the wind energy.

Additionally, the US Energy department has its goals in progress of reaching 20% of all American states to be supplied with wind energy in the coming one decade. Well, the wind energy indicates that it has lost hope of gaining the goals without the reliance of the government and on the other hand, the government has shown hope in relying on citizen’s tax payments with the notion of sustaining the wind energy industry. Wind energy is expensive, unreliable and impractical; there is no need of supporting the utilization of wind energy in the country.