Why Country Life is better than City Life “Persuasive Essay”

Why country life is better than city life is one of the debates that are popular in social gatherings. The present-day life has very many difficulties and people are always the victims. To avoid being victims and to help cope with life difficulties, people are trying to make life easy as much as they can in order to reach a balanced position. People are increasing their appearances in the community and making more friends in the city because it is small. In the village, people are trying to retain their culture and traditional habits so that modernity and its vices cannot catch up with them.

Very many families are moving to the countryside because life in the village has clean air with the environment being very beautiful compared to city life. Unlike the city, the village has less rush and less noise, the pollution is equally very less. Vehicles in the countryside are less with the roads on which vehicles are driven being less dangerous. In the countryside, you will get fresh vegetables and fruits and enjoy the pleasant, scenic and silent beauty as you take an evening stroll.

Are these the reasons ‘why country life is better than city life’?

In as much as the village has good points, life in the village has bad points as well. The city has intelligent people while the village has uneducated people. Children in the village are left to attend nonperforming schools compared to performing schools in the city. Villager’s children experience difficulties trying to keep up with new trends and developments in their careers. Can we still design reasons to prove ‘why country life is better than city life’?

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