The great Manhattan Project was initiated in the wake of 1939 when the then President was informed of a possibility of German scientists racing against time to construct an atomic bomb which had gotten the attention of Hitler as another alternative of the military weapon. In the event, President Roosevelt to formulate an Advisory Committee on Uranium, involving the civilian and military to research on uranium and to advise on the appropriate course of action. Come 1942, the Manhattan Engineer District was established by the American government to attain the main objective of producing an atomic weapon with pressure emanating from the then global war. The Manhattan Project weapon was to be developed in record time at Los Alamos Laboratory led by physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer. The Manhattan Project was located as a four hundred and twenty eight thousand acre industrial complex in New Mexico. Meanwhile, the Manhattan Project had consumed two billion dollars with no possibility of whether the bomb would work or not despite the input of great scientific minds involved.

Remarkably, in relation to the Manhattan project, there was totally no precise reaction when the bomb was detonated and different opinions kept flying all over. In that same year 1945, two atmosphere of plutonium were shifted from Los Alamos to the test site with theories suggesting that the atoms in the plutonium ridding themselves of billions of neutrons eventually splitting other atoms hence releasing enormous energy in a chain reaction. The culmination of the awaited Manhattan Project came on summer of 1945, at Trinity Site adjacent to Alamogordo as scientist got ready to watch the first detonation of an atomic bomb. What transpired after that was an enormous blinding flash seen to over two hundred miles in the morning skies.

The Manhattan Project was on the brink of success and was undoubtedly significant development and important in the American strategy of bringing an end to World War II. By American using weapon of mass destruction, it led to Japanese to surrender without any invasion. On the other hand, the Manhattan Project gave other nations the opportunity to create nuclear weapons that were more powerful that would pose more danger to the entire human race around the world. Needless to say, the Manhattan Project consumed a colossal amount of money which pundit say adjusted the current economy presumably costing over twenty-four point four billion dollars. The causative effect of Manhattan Project opened a new pathway of development of science, engineering, technology as well as military and a new chapter of society into a new era.

As a matter of fact, Manhattan Project brought about a new powerhouse of what we now know as the United State of America, a nation before the start of the war was undergoing some Great depression only to come out as the new superpower of the world. The legacy of the great Manhattan Project created great advances in the world of physics as scientists now exploit the knowledge and power of harnessing nuclear energy as a new source of energy. On the flipside, Manhattan Project affected people in a negative way in the sense that the radiation leads to the cause of cancer like leukemia. The Manhattan Project is no doubt great achievement and dropping of the bomb greatly changed the true meaning of war for the entire citizenry of the world.