There’s a minimum wage, but should there also be a maximum wage/salary a person can earn?

The minimum wage is developed to put limits on the smallest amount of payments workers should receive in order to exempt slavery because there are no other alternatives. From this aspect, we can conclude that the minimum wage has a reason so why can’t the maximum wage salary become a reason.

The aspect of wages is a debatable notion in America as a result of providing workers protection. But what is the meaning of CEO getting what they have not worked for? This is where the maximum wages bill needs to be introduced. Let equality be initiated, get paid according to the number of efforts we put in a job. Maximum wages will put an end to the huge salaries and wages companies top management reap from the company without putting hard work.

The maximum wages will enhance to greater equality signifying that putting an end on the pay scale  will assist in enhancing social equality, equal standards of living .what is the need of paying the top management higher wages simply because they are CEO or managers, what are they doing now that they were not doing before. In a company a lot of efforts and hard work is enhanced by the workers, off course the CEO functions but suppose that the company lacked workers. Obviously, no production, therefore, workers contribute a lot just like the CEO and awarding huge wages only to the CEOs and the workers suffer, is not a fair play. That is why, equality is supposed to be enhanced by including the maximum wage. A CEO or a worker, the aspect of minimum wages and maximum wages are significant.

Think of a society where equality is enhanced, wages gaps, gender discrimination’s would not be probable. Then how can we enhance equality in the society when equality is not enhanced between workers and managers. Capitalism has developed effectiveness but, the aspect of Wage gaps impacts the social norms, cohesion, well being and health.

The government enacted a policy on the maximum wages will assist the overall society since it will stop the aspect of greed after the big pays and provide a significant approach of the maximum wages individual receive in accordance to the hard work initiates.