Vaccines should not be assumed at any level of life, the most important vaccines should be provided to the children while they are young. Many parents ignore the fact of immunizing their children without any consultation from the doctors. Remember that the health department indicates on providing all childhood vaccines to children

According to Center of disease control and prevention stated that approximately hundreds of US people have been diagnosed with measles in 2011, a clear indication that they were not vaccinated while they were young. Negligence of these vaccines can cause high health risks not only to children but also adults who were not vaccinated.

Many parents wonder why they need to get their children vaccinated as many of the diseases vaccinated in US are rare. But the fact remains that since many of the diseases that require child hood vaccination are not common in US they are still common in other countries. Still, when a child fails to be vaccinated, there are still higher chances of gaining the disease in adult. Cases have been enhanced illustrating adult people suffering from measles simply because they did not get the vaccines while they were young.

There are different cases that have been proposed in Africa as result of many parents not understanding the importance of vaccines to the children. For instance, polio that leads to paralysis of some body parts is a common health disorder in Africa caused by the negligence of taking the stated vaccines.

The say goes like this, prevention is better than cure, if we need to prevent infectious disease in adulthood it is better we start with an early prevention and get the vaccines. Therefore, it is not significant to support parents who neglect the aspect of vaccines in children, instead, the government is supposed to create awareness on the importance of these vaccines to children growth.