If we need peace we can justify terrorism, although it is morally unjustified, it is important to look at the dimensions and consequences enhanced through terrorism justifications.

Terrorism is a term that has always been discussed over the decades world wide, with different political experts and other responsible individual enacting policies and viewing the term in different terminologies. But what would happen if terrorism become justifiable will the act of terrorism ever end?

Let’s not look at the whole idea as terrorists that need everybody killed but view the notion as people needing their freedom rights.  For a person to become a terrorist’s means that there is something not happy with hence, uses force in order to gain the particular aspect.

Well, negations have to be done, which is a good approach but what happens when the negotiations don’t come to a conclusion or don’t offer any supportive solutions or feel that the overall negotiations were not justifiable. This is where the terrorism activities comes in; these are people trying to send message of their anger. If we don’t listen to them then terrorism is probably to be enhanced.

Remember that terrorism is not just a particular group but a wider group all over the world that up comes with generation. The young one of the main terrorists are trained to become terrorists and hence, if we only gave the terrorism group a ear to listen then I would conclude that terrorism in this world could probably end.

Show  terrorists on how to neglect their ideas, suicide bombing happens and innocent lives die; show them on how to fight and kill their people then the next thing you will hear, is a building bombed. Then how long will we continue working on tit for tat games, is there an approach that can be enhanced to stop terrorism in the world? Let’s strategize in listening to the terrorists, and hence not view the act as terrorism rather than people in a particular group trying to fight for their rights.