Recent research has shown that terrorists are in a position to conduct destructive and bold activities that can be insignificant in meaning. This implies that suicide bombers as terrorists are imaginable on the motive of carrying out such unexplained terrorism acts. Therefore, what kind of individual become suicide bombers.

People have tried to understand the aspect of suicide bombers as overall abnormality for the people carrying out such terrorism activities. It can be argued that most terrorists are ineffective psychologically and operate in accordance to their own types of rules and behaviors. In fact, if asked, they can highly explain that suicide bombing is an activity that is noble and justified.

Commitment in terrorism activities is what drives individuals to becoming suicide bombers. suicide bombers originate from a specific terrorists group for instance Al-Qaida widely known of suicide bombing after the 9/11 and other terrorists activities worldwide. Actually, these terrorism groups have enough beliefs and offer the required concepts that suicide bombers needs. This signifies that the action initiated by Suicide bombers does not result from hatred rather than love of their own cultural initiatives.

The term Suicide bombers is developed by people, but to the so refereed suicide bombers reflect the whole idea is different hence meaning Martyrdom. Suicide bombers are involved with depression, hopelessness and hence view the act as honor and heroism.

Different theorists have involved two aspects that enhance an individual to becoming a suicide bomber and include ideology and socialization. Ideology defines the suicide bombers motive and emphasis in extreme beliefs. Suicide bombers carrying out terrorism activities have certain type of beliefs, it is not normal for a human being to sacrifice his life without any reason.

In order to sacrifice your own life, there is need to have a motive or purpose of carrying out such an act. Well, people have a different view on the act of terrorism and understand the term suicide bombers  as terrorists carrying out bad activities.

But on the other hand, suicide bombers have a motive or an ideology not only to be considered as suicide bombers but enhance or fulfill a certain type of a belie that is noble and justifiable according to their own view. We have come across many people saying that suicide bombers don’t view the terrorist’s activity as a bad approach simply because they believe that enhancing such type of terrorist’s activity is a way of gaining heroism and honor and initiating martyrdom. Therefore, the beliefs are fundamentally based on religious teachings.

Socialization is another concept argued as an idea of suicide bombers. Socialization involves life frustrations meaning that suicide bombers are highly frustrated in their entire life up to an extent of becoming angry. Terrorists are always confused and humiliated and worry about their future ways hence becoming a suicide bomber is an alternative solution to solving the problem and escaping the dilemmas of life.