If you ask anyone with the effective know-how of sports and the present events they will tell you on the aspect of steroids and doping. Steroids in all forms do not have a place in not only the sports field but also the professional fields. This is because steroids threaten the health of individuals but with effective medical supervision, steroids can be healthy.

This can be true in some cases; it might not be applicable in certain cases. Therefore, as result of the negative effects associated with the high intake of steroids then we could not be asserting on legalizing the steroids. It is true that the high effects of steroids are linked with reckless or increased use of the recommended dose or used in connection with other substances.

Legalizing steroid application would not be a significant initiative of solving the problems. According to the national Center for Biotechnology clearly illustrates the negative usage of steroids and asserts that it is not a healthy means of enhancing performance in any professional tasks.

Much has been said about steroids and sports but should we legalize steroids in order to enhance performance.  Legalizing steroids is like exposing the athletes to such circumstances, but remember that the integrity of sports should be initiated, sports is not all about winning it’s about the energy that makes you win the game.

According to the Olympic movement identifies different sports as a mutual understanding enhanced with solidarity, fair play and spirit of leadership according to the word agency of anti-steroid clearly illustrated that the use of steroids in sports leads to the violation of the sport’s integrity.

Therefore, the only approach of enhancing health athletes and preserving the integrity of the sports is by utilizing the anti-steroids approach. These approaches are effective when the anti-steroids policy are effectively set for prohibiting steroid substance use.