You can all agree with me that there is a common misconception that steroid use is only evident in athletes. At the mention of steroid use, there is usually a mental picture that forms with reference to athletes injecting a particular form of drug into their muscles. The truth of the matter is steroids can either be applied in the form of the cream, get directly into the skin through injection, taken orally or using any other method of absorption into the body. Generally, steroid should not be taken in a continuous form but intermittently in order to keep the user away from the unwanted side effects. A continuous use of steroids could increase body tolerance so that the body depends on the drug every time to produce similar effects. In other cases, using steroid could also cause the body to cease in the production of its own testosterone.

We at online PR steroids care about you are this content is made to enable you to know the effects of steroids on the human body among other information on steroid use. It is expected that you cannot just generalize one effect through a bunch of words and expect people to focus on the information. Online PR steroids have come to let you know that if you engage in a continuous use of steroids, there are certain effects you will have to deal with but you can avoid the effects if you use them in the right way.

Below is a list of the commonly used steroids and their effect on the body;

Androstenedione is a hormone gland that produced in the ovaries and testes of women and men. This hormone is converted into estradiol and testosterone in both men and women and is legally available in chemists. Bodybuilders and drug producers claim that this drug strengthens the muscles for endurance, allowing the body to have a quick recovery. This drug is associated with very serious side effects on the human growth hormone. We shall list a few; muscle weakness, vision problems, an enlarged hearty, impaired glucose regulation, high blood pressure, hypertension, joint pain and diabetes complications.

Erythropoietin can be used in anemia treatment especially for patients with serious kidney disease. Essentially, this drug produces red blood cells and increases hemoglobin resulting in improved oxygen circulation in muscles. However, the drug is dangerous in the sense that it alters the body’s natural fluids and salt and an incorrect use of the drug could lead to heart attack, pulmonary embolism, and stroke. There are other serious side effects revealed in form of muscle cramps, rash, dizziness, potassium deficiency, loss of balance and coordination, gout, dehydration, dangerous drops in blood pressure and ultimate death.

Creatine is another steroid abused by athletes claiming it is a nutritional supplement and because it is legally permitted in drug selling units. Creatine acts by adding muscle energy and supplying the body with natural components that make the athlete gain small amounts of power during training. Unfortunately, this drug does not produce endurance and strength like they say. Instead, coupled with the diet of the athlete, it increases weight as the athlete appears to have more strength. This drug damages the liver, causes weight gain, stomach cramps and muscle cramps that are dangerous to the athlete.

We believe that once we have this information to the public, we are able to save lives as athletes will not cease to use these drugs but use them in a manner to protect them from any side effects. In case you are looking for more information on this subject, keep checking our website for updates, addition, and other new amazing discussions..