What people need to understand is that smoking and its overall consequences do not stipulate any goodness to a person’s health. Smoking is one of the leading causes of death worldwide and approximately half a million deaths have occurred as result of smoking annually worldwide.

Provided with the consequences enhanced by smoking in different areas such as restaurants and bars, it is not a safety aspect to everybody and the health as well.

The federal government should pass a nationwide indoor smoking ban. Researchers assert that extending the smoking bans laws nationwide by the government will probably exempt the 92 million dollar costs on health-related disorders such as heart attack in a single year.

Smoking bans is a notion that has created the debate over the country with the idea of the federal government passing an indoor smoking ban. Well, many people oppose the idea while other proposes the idea.

Provided with consequences of smoking on an individual health, then we will be able to support the government on this notion. Smoking is one of the main causes of health related insignificance in United States and the government is using a lot of finance to fund in health related disorders associated with smoking. Therefore, if the government considers on initiating the smoking bans role, then the millions of dollars funds enhanced in health related disorders caused by smoking will be used in doing something significant.

According to a report developed by CDC, illustrated that smoking bans will reduce the high numbers of heart attacks that are hospitalized and maintained over a period of three years. Indoor smoking bans have become popular among the 37 states in America in different places such as bars and restaurants.

According to extrapolated results presented by different researchers illustrated that smoking bans enhanced to 11% reduction in the risks enhanced by smoking such as heart attack.

Therefore, if we focus the whole issue as related to health care risks development then we should understand the reason as to why we should support the government in enhancing the laws on indoor smoking bans.