If you wore school uniform back in the days, then you will be in a position to support either the advantages or disadvantages of wearing the school uniform. I wonder when the debate of wearing school uniforms will be concluded because it has always been debated by different proposers and opponents asserting on the notion of school uniform. Although the debate has been a hot topic over the few decades it is important to consider different views of people about school uniforms.

The support of children wearing school uniforms in USA was enhanced by Bill Clinton( Former US president) and stated that if children needs to be stopped over killing each other simply because of designer jacket; it is important to initiate the aspect of school uniforms in school. Although he supported the idea, there are different supporting disadvantages as well as advantages developed by parents, politicians and school children on the theme of school uniforms

The proposers support the implementation of school uniforms in school and assert on

  • Affordability of the school uniforms compared to other cloths
  • Enhances students discipline
  • Enhances students attendance
  • Decreases the aspect of violence in schools
  • Reduces teasing and competition among students
  • Enforces student’s positive attitude since they make a student fell professional hence produce the best performance

On the other hand, the opponents include different reasons on the disadvantages of school uniforms

The Cons

  • School uniform offer financial burden especially to low income families
  • Provide a bad stipulation of a school especially if students in a certain school are caught misbehaving
  • Stifles the aspect of individuality since students fell that they are denied the freedom of expression

Now, since we have looked at the proposer’s side and opposing arguments on school uniform, do you think that restrictions should be imposed on school uniforms in USA. The debate is still ongoing and it is important for the USA government to look forward on ending the debate and define a significant strategy on whether school uniforms should be included in all schools. It is imperative for t he government to consider the pros and cons of school uniforms in order to provide the concluding remarks on the issue.