The government is supposed to impose restrictions on what kind of foods should be served in school lunches. Exempt all high calorie foods and replace with vegetables and plenty of fruits. When the Obama administration launched the new law on the type of foods schools should include in school lunches, students protested and became angry on the new law asserting on the food keeping them hungry. Some of the children have developed a norm of carrying food from home since they state that school lunches keep them hungry all day.

Well, these are children, they won’t like it when school lunches served with carrots and peas; they prefer pizza and fries. If we bow down to what the kids prefer for their school lunches; it is obvious we are upbringing unhealthy generation and in the future high cases of health risks will increase. Let’s consider the aspect that these are children who do not have an idea of what they want and support the new governmental law on what the children should have in their school lunch.

The department of Agriculture in USA is responsible for implementing the new law on school lunches; increasing vegetables and fruits and reducing the contents of fatty foods for instance fries. According to the guideline vegetables and fruits supposed to be served in plenty and limit carbohydrates and calories with a cut of 700 to 800 calories.

The implementation of law is enhanced towards reducing high cases of childhood obesity. Therefore, in order to reduce complaints from different students on the school lunch’s menu the Department of Agriculture offers support and guidelines on obesity education to the children. The government understands the complaints initiated by the students as a result of the new law on school lunches but, asserts as a difficult aspect to change the due to increasing health risks on child hood obesity.

As a consequence of health related risks associated with excessive intake of fatty foods the government should be allowed to impose restrictions on what kind of foods should be served in school lunches. Parents and guardians should also offer support on educating the school children on health risks associated with high intake of calories during school lunches.